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Event Blogs

Event Blogs

Just a few of the highlights from some of our recent Corporate Events with many of our clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Make sure you leave a comment on your blog and hope to see you at an event soon!

Children's Christmas Party with Selex ES

It was once again that time of year for Selex to have their Children's Christmas Party along with the help from Team Challenge Company! As the kids began to arrive there was a variety of things to keep them entertained including a large ball pool, a bouncy castle and some fantastic party games and dances in the disco room such as pass the parcel, musical statues and a dance contest.

Children's Christmas Party with Selex ES Children's Christmas Party with Selex ES

There was also a chance to get a face paint and so within the first hour there was plenty of little superheroes, butterflies and of course a couple of reindeer running around! Clumsy the Clown was on his own personal mission to teach everyone some of his vital skills such as juggling and plate spinning and also went around making some fabulous balloon models including dogs, swords, water guns and even some pretty pink flowers.

Children's Christmas Party with Selex ES Children's Christmas Party with Selex ES

It wouldn't be a real Christmas party without the arrival of a very special guest and some of his friends! Of course it was Santa Claus who arrived with his elves in tow. Santa made sure to see everyone at the party to find out what they wanted for Christmas and even gave everyone a small present to take away with them. Everyone at the party had a fantastic evening and everyone was certainty ready to go home to bed at the end after an energetic couple of hours. Thank you to Angela for some great work in making sure everything went together in the end!

Comments (2)

09 Dec 2013 at 17:23

Clumsy the Clown

A fun filled, action packed christmas party. Lots of prizes for our dancing and musical statues experts. Glad i could give most kids a baloon for the road. Great atmosphere in a nice location. I will try not to get lost in the ballpool next year!

09 Dec 2013 at 16:39

Kerry Jackson

What a great night it was at Selex's Christmas Party. The grotto looked great and the kids were so full of energy especially when it came to dancing and playing some party games!

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