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Just a few of the highlights from some of our recent Corporate Events with many of our clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Make sure you leave a comment on your blog and hope to see you at an event soon!

Company Team Building Activities - Pressure Zone with CNR

After a day of conferencing at Carnoustie Hotel, CNR International was welcomed by Team Challenge Company to take part in one of our most popular Company Team Building Activities The Pressure Zone. As everyone took their seats, the premise of the game was explained and life cards were handed out. We invited everyone up to the Pressure Zone to start the evening, they were all given an opportunity for a practise however it did not seem to benefit many of the teams as only a couple secured £100 of fun money. It was time for the starter to be served and devoured before any more wine was consumed. It was then back into the Pressure Zone to take part in Descent which proved to be a little more successful then Flop It but not many professionals.

Pressure Zone Pressure Zone

After the main and dessert course it was time to welcome the teams back which included The Oscars, Mafia Francais, Fourplay, Charlotte and the Cunning Stunts, Six on the Beach and Six Lies and Naked Thighs. The group was split up to tackle more Pressure Zone Challenges, including Index, Landing Strip and Bounce and In. Linda from the Oscars did outstanding on the Index, which strangely proved to be quite a successful challenge for most teams. Landing Strip was unsuccessful for pretty much everyone with only six on the beach scoring some cash. On bounce and in French Mafia proved that they had some great ball bouncing skills.

Pressure Zone Pressure Zone

For the semi finale we had hole in one Which allowed all of the teams to try and get some extra money. Kelly didn't understand that the speed needed to be precise for this came and the ball went flying, Ali on the other hand though thought drinking his Budweiser would help.... Obviously not. A lot of lives were lost and only a couple of of £100s was given out. Tier drop was the finale event which proved to be a lot more difficult then it looked. Once all the teams had taken their turns it was time for all of the money to be counted and see who came out on top. The Oscars took home the dreaded Wooden Spoon, with all other teams taking home only memories.. apart from French Mafia who came out on top taking home the Wooden Spoon. Thank you to Alison for organsing another great event, we thoroughly enjoyed working with you all again.

Comments (2)

06 May 2014 at 13:04


What an evening! The drinks were flowing and the enthusiasm was high. You were a brilliant group to work with and I hope we see you again.

02 May 2014 at 15:53

Beth Ross

I had an absolute ball with you all, it was great to see the competitive nature come out in all of the teams. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. It was lovely to meet you finally Alison.

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