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People learn in four different ways – from what they see (visual), what they hear (auditory), what they read (reading/writing) and what they do (kinaesthetic) – and, typically, a person may fall into one of those categories. Crossovers commonly happen, but there will be one dominant style of learning which a person will identify with.

This can create a challenge for our team who aim to deliver a team building session that caters for each of the four learning styles; it is essential that every person attending the event can take something away from it. Equally, our events are designed to demonstrate the strength of having a team of varied individuals all working together to achieve a collective goal.

In this post, we will explore how each of the different learning styles is accommodated in our range of team building events.


Visual learners benefit most from being able to see the subject matter in front of them. Rather than sitting and listening to someone standing in front of a group or reading a book full of text, this type of learner will take more away from seeing a demonstration and/or imagery to accompany an explanation to help visualise a task and/or end goal.

At Team Challenge Company, the large majority of our events incorporate a visual element to appeal to participants. Our Country Pursuits events make for a fantastic experience for visual learners, with the inclusion of aiming at targets such as laser clay pigeons and archery boards. Teams compete against one another in a series of challenges that bring out the competitive side of participants in a fun and engaging environment.


Where some members of the team benefit more from visual aids, others find that they take in more by listening. Boasting a team made up of different learning styles can only be to the strength of the business, but only if the team can blend each of those skills together. Each of our vast array of events is presented by instructors that communicate clearly and efficiently the objectives of each task.

It is important for teams to be able to communicate with each other, and that doesn’t just mean talking to one another, they also need to be able to listen to each other effectively, too. Many of the activities on offer from Team Challenge Company demand that participants listen carefully, as well as possessing high attention to detail, such as those that fall under the Music and Rhythm category.

We suspect this is where auditory learners may excel as they listen to the music and rhythm of the music, whilst also ensuring that the entire team is in time with one another. This may also appeal to kinaesthetic learners (more on this later), but for an auditory learner, this will play to their strengths of being able to actively listen to the instructions of the instructors and the music


As two of the core skills that we learn early on in life and continue to develop throughout the rest of our lives, it’s not hard to see why so many people identify as a reading/writing learner. Such learners commonly delve into analytical detail, pulling out highly relevant pieces of information and using it to create and/or deliver their own analyses. These team members are incredibly important as they often decide on the direction of the team, or indeed the business as a whole.

Being able to understand and decipher what is in front of you is important in business, especially as the world moves towards remote work with members of staff working away from the central office. With a range of interactive games forming part of Team Challenge Company’s offering, participants are able to engage their reading and writing capabilities and develop them effectively.

Project management games such as Chain Reaction call on reading and writing skills, as teams utilise detailed game cards and create a plan.


Kinaesthetic learners are doers - those who learn best on the job. There is a lot of trial and error that comes in to play with kinaesthetic learners, but these participants are highly likely to go away and review their mistakes before altering their approach based on the previous results. This type of learning style can easily be applied to all our products, with those that fall into the kinaesthetic learning category being challenged to take on board information from other learning styles.

One of the types of events that kinaesthetic learners can really thrive in is Music and Rhythm, where participants are encouraged to get stuck in to the activity on hand. Even if they do not play an instrument, the learner can soon adapt and take onboard a process that they can practice and perform – this is one skill that can certainly be taken into the workplace.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we take great care and pride in offering an event that not only challenges all those who participate but also allows for everyone to take something tangible away from the experience. When colleagues possessing a range of skills and learning styles can collaborate effectively and efficiently, it makes for a well-oiled machine that helps the business to grow.

For more information on the team building events we offer and how they can help your team-building efforts, please get in touch with us today via our contact page today.

Employee relationships are a hugely important aspect of any business and can be complicated to navigate, particularly in large teams with multiple personality types or busy working spaces where employees don’t get much of an opportunity to learn about each other. These relationships are the foundations on which businesses are built.

If you have a team that communicates poorly, this can lead to a breakdown in services offered and potentially lead to loss of business. Our modern-day activities are a fantastic way to promote growth in your tech-orientated employees with a host of tablet and smartphone team building events designed to strengthen working bonds and employee relations.

Our challenges are unique and offer a creative, memorable way to bring your employees together in an enjoyable, relaxed environment, with a light bit of competition between teams to fire up the competitive spirit.

Team development events have evolved over the years and we are proud to offer several digital-based tablet and smartphone team building activities that, via the gamification method, have been proven to decrease learning time, increase knowledge retention and overall improve learning and development. Teams will quickly be able to recognise each other’s strengths in addition to learning to rely on and trust each other to complete certain tasks to ensure they win their challenge.

Tech-Based Challenges

A long-time favourite has been the GPS Treasure Hunt, which is an interactive experience that sees teams navigate a series of virtually triggered checkpoints using a GPS tablet (provided by Team Challenge Company). The experience can be customised to your chosen venue/city and bespoke challenges/questions added that are relevant to your business and/or team. A fantastic way to promote communication skills, innovative thinking amongst employees and get office-based workers out and about.

In our Peak Performance experience; a 20-day expedition to the peak of Mount Everest and back (lasting between 2 – 3 hours) teams must make potentially “life or death” decisions day to day based on supplied information on the surrounding area while factoring in their available supplies, fitness levels of the team, weather, acclimatisation and other “survival techniques” for making it through this exhilarating journey. It is an exceptional team building tool, designed to challenge players’ attitudes towards important decisions while promoting critical thinking and positive communication between team members.

Tailoring To Your Expectations

All our Team Building events can be adjusted to your requirements or personalised to promote learning about a specific or range of products, services offered and more.

We pride ourselves on providing a completely bespoke service that leaves positive, lasting memories for your employees/team while building on our values of Reliability, Trust, Honesty, Passion and Creativity.

Our expert management team are eagerly waiting to talk to you about your next team building event, contact us 03300 04 09 03 or via the online enquiry form.

At its core, team building is designed to bring an organisation and the teams within it together, working harmoniously towards a common goal. With the excess of the seasonal holiday now firmly behind you, returning to work in January can feel quite tiresome for many employees.

For many, over-indulgence during the Christmas and New Year break can leave staff members feeling more sluggish and lethargic than usual, with the grey, cold and often rainy weather certainly not helping to lift the mood within the workplace. January can feel longer than other months, too, because many businesses are paid early before Christmas – all of this combined can leave your team flagging a little more than usual as a result. If this sounds familiar, then it could be that you have some January blues to beat before you can really kick the year off as you mean to go on.

Ways You Can Beat the Blues

Much like the lull that comes at the end of summer, January and the middle of winter can make it feel like the much-needed sunshine and respite from the colder weather are almost too far away. If you are looking for ways to motivate your team to get through January with a smile and a vigour for the new year, then keep reading. We have some top tips to help inspire your team to get back to their best.

  • Encourage your staff to have a healthy, hearty start to the day – offering breakfast, fruit and healthy snacks in the office or workplace can really help lift the mood
  • Healthy lunchtime activities – provide your staff with the motivation they need to get through another dreary, grey day with some light exercises to start the day. Alternatively, run a lunch health kick club and get out for a brisk walk or a jog during your lunch break
  • Reviews and appraisals – use the quieter month of January to reflect on personal development over the last 12 months and hold reviews with your staff. Put together a training and development plan for the year ahead to help them achieve their individual long-term goals.

With these small changes in place, you can then look at how you can help to inspire and motivate your team collectively for the year ahead. When you have an idea of where your team are looking to be in the next 12 months to five years, it can really help you, as a business manager or owner, to assess how best to drive the team forward for the benefit of the company.

Team Building as a Catalyst for Change

Once you have your individual strengths and weaknesses addressed on a one-to-one basis, the process of reviewing the effectiveness of your teams is much easier. It may be clear that issues that need ironing out are as simple as improving working relationships and communication channels, or it could be more of a conflict of personalities that is holding your team back from excelling in the way they should.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a range of activities that are designed to help you get the most out of your employees. We have team development plans including psychometric profiling to help identify personality types that could be causing rifts and ways to help you coach your team through this.

With these areas addressed, you can then look at how to bring your team back together, working towards their common goal once more. Our range of team building services are available across Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales – with such a vast range of challenges, events and experience to choose from, we guarantee that you will be able to beat the January blues with just a little bit of teamwork.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our event management team today on 03300 04 09 03 to discuss your needs for the year ahead.

Team building days, events and activities are part of life for many organisations up and down the country. Of course, there can be many different reasons for organising a team building event, ranging from successfully integrating new starters to actively working to resolve any issues.

As a result, there should be no one-size-fits-all approach to team building or the results you hope employees will take away from the experience. Therefore, if you are thinking of planning a team building event, it’s important to outline clear goals and objectives to ensure that you and your team get the most out of the occasion.

Whether it is fostering positive workplace relationships or helping to change attitudes within the team, setting goals can ensure that your objectives are met. However, if you are struggling to identify and define goals for your team building event, we can help you get started.

Why is it Important to Set Goals?

For many employers, the main objective is to develop and maintain a team that is happy, confident and performing well. Cohesiveness and strong relationships are key to achieving this, which is one of the reasons why team building days have been proven to be so effective.

However, this is a significant objective – it’s important to break things down into more easily manageable steps.

If you oversee a team, there are certain questions that you should be asking yourself when setting goals. Firstly, you must establish where your team is realistically at now. Whether it is as a whole or on an individual level, identifying weak points or potential issues early can help you to resolve them more effectively. Next, you need to set an objective for yourself, look into the future and visualise where you want your team to be. The final step is the most important – how can you help your team get from A to B?

Sharing a Common Objective

Even if you don’t share this goal with your team, it’s still important to do what you can to help everyone achieve the shared objective. After all, good teamwork is essential to the success of the entire team, which is where team building comes into the equation.

Over the course of a team building day, your employees will be faced with several situations and scenarios designed to test their abilities, encourage teamwork and communication, and push them outside of their comfort zone. When managed effectively, the results of your team building event can be transferred directly across to the workplace, helping you to work towards your team’s overall goal together.

Team building days are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, but we are well placed to be able to offer a variety of services to suit your team’s individual requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you would like more information – what are your team building goals?

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a way of classifying people into 16 personality types. The psychological test carried out via a questionnaire that the individual answers alone are designed to help them learn more about themselves, understand their own personalities, how they make decisions, their working preferences and compatibility with other people.

The basis of the theory is that what appears as random variations in behaviour is in fact quite orderly and consistent, due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to see the world and make decisions.

Using Myers-Briggs within the workplace provides psychology-based solutions, with research behind it spanning more than 50 years, to common issues within the workplace based on both individual and team levels. Similarities and differences between team members can be identified, allowing teams to improve their working and personal relationships in a positive and constructive way, avoid conflict and become more efficient.

MBTI gives teams a common language to interpret interpersonal differences and is one of the most relied upon psychology-based methods of Team Development.

TMS focuses on understanding team skills and working preferences in order to develop individual, team and organisational performance. It involves highlighting levels of existing skill at an individual level and mapping out a means through which such skills can be integrated and utilised cohesively by the team at large.

TMS recognises the importance of gaining understanding and self-awareness through the experiences other team members have of your skills and traits.

Similarly, through means of the Risk Orientation Model, you can measure the inherent responses of an individual to risk-taking and overcoming obstacles through their assessment of risk versus reward situations. This allows teams to achieve balance in the skills and working preferences within their group.

At Team Challenge Company, we pride ourselves on delivering the best team building events in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, but what exactly goes into hosting an event?

Over 400 incredible team bonding events are hosted every year, helping businesses big and small to achieve their goals by breaking down boundaries and bringing colleagues closer together. Our reputation speaks for itself, and it is understandable to see why - when you consider all of the hard work that is put in behind the scenes, by Team Challenge Company.

Team Challenge’s Values

“At Team Challenge Company our vision is to be the leading corporate team building and entertainment provider throughout the UK and Ireland. We strive to attract, develop and retain the best team whilst working in a positive and productive environment."

“We consistently seek to provide and deliver services and products that are recognised as market-leading, we endeavour to exceed our clients' and guests' expectations with creativity, individual design and unforgettable delivery of all our events mixed with our own passion for teamwork and leadership. We aim to inspire everyone we encounter, whilst enjoying our work along the way.”

All of our valued members of staff adhere to our company mantra each and every day, ensuring the best possible experience for all involved in any of our corporate events.

Everyone who helps to host any of our hundreds of unique and successful events is 100% professional and every bit as dedicated to ensuring that all of our guests come away better for the experience. Over the 15 years, our team has devised some of the best corporate entertainment ideas, offering the complete package and unrivalled experience.

Our amazing team will not only make sure that your event is the place to be, but they will also ensure that all guests are comfortable and are having an unforgettable experience.

When you call on Team Challenge Company to host your corporate event, you do safely in the knowledge that whatever your chosen theme, we will work with you to offer a bespoke experience for your business. Regardless of the size of your team, we value each and every one of our clients and combine our knowledge and experience with your objectives and ideas to offer a truly unique event.

If you would like more information on hosting a team building event for your company, please call us on 03300 04 09 03 today.

Regardless of your job role, position in the company, or personality, there are times when every single employee needs some additional support. Whether it is just lending a helping hand on a tough project or providing a deeper level of support to an employee in need, it is the duty of every organisation to look after its employees’ wellbeing at all times.

Of course, there are many different ways in which this can be achieved. Team building days are a great way to get the whole office working together and bonding more effectively, whereas quieter one-to-one sessions with HR personnel may work better in more sensitive situations.

The best solution is always to judge the particular scenario on an individual scale, working to make the most of what your colleagues can offer while providing as much support as possible to every single employee. After all, your employees are the backbone of your business, so it is vital to look after them and ensure they are as happy as possible during the working day.

Why is Providing Support Important?

No matter whether you are a manager or a fresh face to the company, every employee is an integral part of the business as a whole. As previously mentioned, organisations simply cannot function without their employees, so it is important that every individual is at their best every day. Of course, we all have our off days, but if you notice that a colleague seems to be struggling, it may be worth lending a friendly ear or offering a helping hand.

Why Could Support Be Needed?

There are many factors that could contribute to a struggling employee. While you may not be able to provide much assistance with issues arising outside of the workplace, concerns like fitting in, bonding with colleagues and work-related stress are all problems which you can help to reduce. If you are concerned about someone at work, why not ask if there is anything you could do to help?

How to Support Your Employees and Colleagues

Luckily, there are many different ways in which you can go about providing support to the people you work alongside. If stress is an issue, why not offer to take some tasks from someone who is struggling in order to ease their workload and share the job more evenly?

However, if workplace relationships are tense or a new starter is finding it difficult to fit in, team building days are sure to make the perfect fit. Team Challenge Company offers an extensive range of team building events and activities, all designed to boost communication and develop essential skills which can then be transferred directly across to the workplace. The ideal way to escape the confines of the office environment and work towards encouraging positive working relationships between colleagues, team building is an undeniably effective way to provide some much-needed support.

At the end of the day, it is important to support your colleagues and employees as they have the capability to greatly enhance your day. In addition, we all need support from time to time, so make the most of the chance to brighten someone’s day and do what you can to provide some much-needed support in someone’s hour of need.

If you would like more information about the team building days and activities that we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or give our friendly team a call on 03300 040903 today.

Done right, a vision, mission and values for your company can play a significant part in its success. A vision, setting clear expectations and a common purpose, in a desired future state helps direct and motivate a team. It is the culmination of all of your goals into a single ultimate goal.

Your mission describes your company's function and the how you achieve your goals. Values are the traits which represent how you want to be known as a company and can guide behaviour in the workplace. Values can drive our decision-making and lead you to summon up energy to preserve what you believe in and act accordingly. Within a company, commitment to values becomes the route to achieving your vision.

Scotland offers the perfect setting to hold your next corporate event with its spectacular scenery and green spaces.

We have corporate events inspired by Scotland to suit all sorts of teams. From trying your hand at traditional Highland Games to navigating the beautiful Scottish mountains in our team survival activity Wilderness Challenge. Alternatively, keep it simple with a tailored treasure hunt around Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen.

Highland Games

It doesn’t get much more Scottish than a set of Highland Games, designed to promote team communication and boost staff morale while offering a day of unforgettable corporate excitement.

Take part in a range of activities from the Mighty Caber Toss, Fisherman’s Fly Casting, a Strongman Stone Lift and even Highland Haggis Hurling! The Highland Games event is versatile; split your staff into teams or have them go head to head. We can tailor the events to your team, ensuring staff are engaged throughout the duration of the activity.

Wilderness Challenge

Are your staff more the outdoors type? If you’ve got a team of climbers, hikers and explorers, our Wilderness Challenge is sure to delight.

The day starts with an introduction to the different safety gear and equipment that will be used by your team, followed by basic safety skills training.

Once fully prepared, teams work to navigate their way through the incredible Scottish mountains with opportunities for basic scrambling and an exciting rope ascent. Every member of the team is given the chance to guide the group, promoting leadership skills and interpersonal relations.

Throughout the day, staff are taught important skills that are commonly used when climbing some of the highest mountains in the world. In addition to basic outdoor survival techniques including map, GPS and compass reading skills and how to set up and cook on an outdoor stove.

City Exploration

If your staff would prefer to remain in the city, then we’ve got a fantastic exploration activity you can offer – the GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt. This team building event uses a GPS tablet, provided by Team Challenge Company, to guide your teams through a set of virtually activated checkpoints. 

The Treasure Hunt can be completely tailored to your company or staff, offering bespoke questions that can better educate employees on services or products your company offers.

Treasure Hunts are extremely versatile; we can prepare events for any location in the UK for any size group and they are great for promoting teamwork and good communication.

At Team Challenge Company, we have the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with the ultimate corporate event or team building activity. Should you require any further information on our Scottish-inspired team building activities or any of the other corporate services we offer, you can contact our booking team today on 03300 04 09 03.

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