10 Traits of a Team Player

Posted: May 13 2015

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We all know that a business thrives when it is full of productive teams, and those teams can only be successful when team players are present.

But what makes a team player? Well, read on to see ten traits of a team player, which you'll want to keep an eye out for in your own team...


A team player will know that their colleagues and their company are relying on them. Whether it's arriving punctually or being thorough with work, people can depend on team players to get everything done, on time and properly. Such an individual is consistently on form, a high performer, and delivers on goals.


Team-friendly individuals will naturally work well with others, and they will even prove to be enthusiastic about collaboration. You will also spot a team player by their ability to communicate ideas clearly, give constructive criticism and encourage others to communicate. Another trait is that they can see the bigger picture from a different perspective, and they use this to uplift others and turn negatives into positives.


Being able to communicate is not just about talking; good team players will also listen to their peers and superiors. They will take care to listen to and understand instructions clearly, and they will actively listen to and encourage suggestions from team members. Even if they don't agree with the point being made, or if they have something to add themselves, they will respectfully wait until whoever's speaking finishes their turn.


Team players aren't the kind to wait around for somebody else to take on a task or pick up the pieces. They are proactive about their work, offering to help and seeking out tasks wherever possible. They are happy to roll up their sleeves and help get the job done, regardless of any conflicts (which they will happily put aside) or ownership issues. By being proactive and making the effort to get things done, they lead by example, whilst inspiring and supporting others.


True team players won't try and withhold information or resources; they will gladly teach others, ensure everyone is kept in the loop, and share whatever resources they have because they understand that such cooperation benefits the group as a whole.


Commitment and loyalty are incredibly valuable qualities, especially in work and team settings. As an employer, you want to know that you can trust your employees, and as an individual, you need to know you can trust and rely on your colleagues. Commitment to the company, the team and the task at hand goes a long way.


If you have a team full of folks who respect and support each other, be it for professional projects or personal achievements, and even problems, you will find yourself with a cohesive and, no doubt, impressive team indeed. They will respect each other's opinions, space, skills and value, creating a situation where everyone can grow and prosper.


Team players are not afraid to get stuck in. They will not only dive into tasks (and encourage others to do the same), but they will also pipe up in meetings with feedback and ideas, as well as join in and create a general buzz and collaborative culture within the team.


Individuals who are not averse to change or multi-tasking are usually good for teams. They do not kick up a fuss about having to do something a little outside of their job role, nor do they challenge every change to the schedule. They take everything on board, in the knowledge that everyone needs to work together, doing whatever it takes, in order to reach goals and benefit the team.


Last but not least, you will notice that the team players are the most influential members of your company. They take a vested interest in others, and in the success of the business overall, and as such, they understand and relate to everyone. They can inspire, motivate and influence. This is superb if ideas and strategies need communicating and filtering through different areas of the business. It also proves useful if you need the mood lifting; an influential team player can brighten the place up and make everyone look live.

So there you have ten traits of a team player, which you'll hopefully spot a mile away, in several of your team members.

Remember though, team players might not demonstrate all of these traits at once, and having a few individuals possessing different ones can prove just as effective.

And if you can't yet identify these traits in your team, or you feel they are there somewhere under untapped potential, consider team building and development events,, which can bring such characteristics and qualities to the surface.

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