Are You Building The Right Team?

Posted: May 16 2016

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Having the right group of people working with you and alongside you can be imperative to the success of any business. Knowing how to pick and choose the right candidates from the application pile is just as important as choosing the right interviewer, asking the right questions and subsequently, building the right team to drive your business forward.

People leaving for pastures new is part and parcel of running a business but not all who leave need to be replaced if you have the right strategy in place. However, outstanding tasks stacking up and stress levels on the increase are good indicators that it is time to add to your team.

Finding the right person for the role isn't always about finding the person that has the most experience or the right qualifications. Finding the right person for your team is also based on personality, drive and ambition, too. With that in mind, what are the characteristics and attributes you should be looking for in a candidate?

  • Having the right personality for your business is crucial. Every single person is different and will express themselves in different ways. One person might be extremely outgoing, and another relatively laidback but that doesn't mean they won't work well together. Some people take a while to come out of their shell, meaning they can be overlooked at the interview stage - but you could be missing out by judging a book by its cover
  • The best way to get to know a candidate's real personality is to check out their social media profiles. The content they post and how they engage with friends acts as their own personal brand package to those who don't yet know them
  • Asking the right questions at an interview is just as important as choosing the right people to interview. Getting to know their drive, ambition and view of the world is great for understanding how they will grow with your business

    • Make the interview process an open conversation instead of an interrogation. A relaxed atmosphere can bring out a different side to candidates than a formal one
    • Discuss the candidates with members of the team they will be working with. Where possible, bring someone from the team to the interview as they will be able to assist in the decision-making process. They will, after all, be working alongside them eventually, so their thoughts matter
    • Think outside of the box when it comes to finding the right candidate to join your team. While someone might not look like you would expect, don't write them off on this basis alone - they might be just what your team and business needs

    Knowing how to choose the right person for your team might seem like a challenge, but the real test is ensuring they stick around. How can you create a culture that cultivates staff and has no issue with retention? Provide a working environment that they can grow and develop into.

    Regular team building events, individual recognition and training opportunities are essential to keeping your employees happy. Salary isn't always everything; people should want to work for you, but feel they are treated fairly and rewarded accordingly, too. Get the balance right, and you will have succeeded in building the right team for your business.

    Team Challenge Company is dedicated to building better teams and team building events to suit your business' needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our team are ready and waiting to take your call and work towards making your business the one that matters.

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