Baby, It's Cold Outside: Indoor Team Building

Posted: Feb 04 2015

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Just because the weather outside is bleak, and the temperatures are at a consistent level of "uncomfortably low", it doesn't mean you should deal with frostiness indoors.

Winter can have a toll on even the most chipper of individuals, but it isn't impossible to have an enjoyable and productive winter season at work. Here Team Challenge Company explains.

Simply do your best to keep your team active and involved, so they barely notice the dull expanse outside the window. By giving them plenty of team building activities, you will be able to keep individuals occupied and interpersonal relationships strong.

To start with though, you will want to take some practical measures to ensure a comfortable workplace that is conducive to productivity and makes people feel motivated.

So you have a bit of a head start; we have listed three tips for creating a work and team friendly workplace and three more ideas for indoor team building this winter.

Practical Pointers

  • Keep the office toasty by shutting windows and doors, utilising draft excluders where necessary and keeping the thermostat temperature at a comfortable and constant level.
  • Don't be afraid to crack a window if you need to let some fresh air circulate the office. Just bear in mind that fresh air should not be arctic air. It is understandable that after months of being locked away in an office for hours on end, people will want to crack a window and get a cool, fresh breeze in. However, for the sake of courtesy and comfort, those opening the window should ask around first to make sure everyone is happy with it.

  • Make sure you have lots of light. Though it may be dark, or worse, bleak outside, you can brighten the look and feel of your office by opening the curtains or blinds. Natural light is best, but when it starts getting dark, you can just make sure there is more than adequate artificial light to prevent eye strain.

Team Building Tips

  • Make cups of tea. Really. This small act of kindness will go a very long way on a cold and busy winter's day. You can't go wrong with a round for the team when it is bleak, stressful or Monday. Whether it's on a voluntary basis or a rota, you will be surprised how much your team will bond over a collective brew.
  • Team building activities; they do what they say on the tin. Whether you want to open communication channels, strengthen relationships or encourage a warm and fuzzy feeling between team members, a team building activity will work wonders to perk everyone up.
  • Do something that makes everyone  work well as a collective. Raise money for charity, be Nice Ninjas (doing good deeds in secret) for each other, donate bric-a-brac to a good cause or have a sponsored something every month for a charity as voted for by the team.

Now, these tips and pointers are just a small selection of what can be done this winter to keep your team upbeat and in the zone. Before you come up with a final plan of action though, you will need to carefully consider your team, the individuals therein and the needs of all involved from both a personal and a business perspective.

For now though, you can start with something fun but effective and browse through our selection of indoor team building activities. 

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