Posted: Apr 25 2016

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Do you ever ask yourself if your leadership skills are up to scratch?

Are you an effective leader, or do you just think that you are an effective leader?

Are you leading your team in the right direction or just the one that seems easiest to you?

There are two ways about it: either your team feel imposed by you so they duly oblige according to your instructions or they genuinely respect you and try their best to impress you.

If the former sounds more like you and your team are more likely to vent about you as soon as your back is turned then it is high time you reinvented yourself - and watch the transformation in your team.  

Maybe you are unsure of what type of leader you are, or would just like to brush up on your current skills; there's always room for improvement.

Whatever the reason, you need to pull your department together to work as one team unit and if that means you need to question your own management skills rather than the skills of your employees; then so be it. They are, after all, your responsibility.

At Team Challenge Company, we believe that you should enjoy the company of those whom you work with, day in, day out; there is nothing worse than working alongside people who you could never imagine socialising with out of the office.

So, we have put together some tips for you to try and unite that commercial family of yours together.

  • First and foremost, your team need to have confidence in you and your competency. Trust is an incredibly important factor in the workplace and, in order to have confidence in their own abilities, your team need first to have confidence in you, as their mentor. If you're unsure what you're doing, it will be obvious
  • Be an inspiration; you have a common goal, a joint mission, and you need your team to rally around in order to achieve this. Round your team up for the first five minutes of every day for a lifting pep-talk. The aim of this is to give them a boost of motivation and gear them up for the rest of the day. Talk about positives only and address any negatives on a one to one basis. End this meeting with a motivational quote to inspire them!

    • Don't over criticise your team; this could potentially have an adverse effect on them overall. Ensure you deliver sufficient praise as and when it is due, but don't allow them to become complacent or the business might suffer
    • Have a one-to-one with each individual on your team and get to know them a little bit more. Knowing and sharing something personal with someone instils a trusting bond between two people. Demonstrating that you are just as normal as they are, regardless of your position, will help to eradicate any form of hierarchy within the workplace
    • Be careful with how you word things; once something is said, it cannot be un-said. If you need to deliver criticism, ensure you start the conversation with something positive, mention your concerns and end it with a positive reinforcement or objective. Showing them they are being monitored or are under scrutiny will make them clam up entirely. Let them trust you and show that you are open to suggestions by showing you are on their side and want to see them succeed personally, along with the growth of the company

    • Manage expectations. There may be a distinctive line between your role and that of your team. Being helpful is a good thing but don't end up micro-managing them. This will only end up making your working life more stressful as you take on their roles as well as your own. You are, however, responsible for this group of people and what they do, so it is important that they understand what is expected of them and where there is flexibility for initiative. Any downfall of your team is your responsibility, so if they succeed; you succeed. If they make mistakes, don't pass the buck - take responsibility for them; it is part and parcel of your role
    • Feedback is vital. It is unfair to let someone continuously make a mistake they are unaware of making and then knock them for it. If they are unaware, make them aware in an efficient and timely manner to avoid the same situation in the future. Schedule a fixed date for a one to one with your team members - whether as a quarterly review or appraisal; it is important they know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. The positive will counteract the negatives and you will find them trying to improve on their downfalls as a result
    • All it takes is one person to ruin the atmosphere; it falls on your shoulders to lead the mood in your group. Inject positivity in your team, whether you choose to stop work for 5 minutes and play a quick ice-breaking game or opt for organising an awesome team-building activity for your corporate family; make sure it encourages a positive environment for them to work in

    • In the workplace, it isn't always about the current situation; a good manager will already be thinking, at least, six months ahead. Have a backup plan for every circumstance and outcome you can think of. If something isn't working now, it definitely won't work six months later. Think about what you can change to make it more streamlined and effective for the team in the future. Let your team in on your thoughts and visions and ensure they know they are part of the company's growth, and not just there to simply earn a wage; you'll find the genuine ones treating it more than just a job - they will genuinely care
    • Ensure you are fair in the way in which you treat everyone and always treat staff equally. If they see a favourite, it will stimulate hostility amongst team members
    • Reward and motivate your team by incentivising a collectively challenging, yet achievable goal. Together, give yourselves a joint focus and pretty soon, they'll be working to achieve this target together

    And what better incentive than a constructive one to ensure your team is communicating well?

    That's right; arrange a team building event with Team Challenge Company. From family fun days to corporate away days; fun filled activity days to glamorous evening events, we have something to suit all types of groups and personalities.

    Go on, take on the challenge; be the best you can be with Team Challenge Company!

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