Posted: Apr 21 2016

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Despite the constant reminders that body language is just as important as verbal communication, it is always easy to forget that our subconscious actions and expressions are conveying a definitive portrayal of ourselves. Body language is used to embellish on conversation and reiterate points. When used badly, the body language that we utilise can be very costly in the workplace.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we believe that team development and the use of body language are imperative to the success of the team. We have put together a list of the best methods of improving body language, for the benefit of the team and your business.

Improve your Body Language

  • Stand confident and tall. Slouching and slumping into your seat do not display power or status. Standing tall with your chin held high is the quickest way to communicate confidence
  • Standing with your legs slightly further apart ensures your standing is solid. You will also be perceived as stronger and more certain in the way you speak
  • Correct posture ensures you exude self-assurance and professionalism

  • If you have a nervous leg jiggle, hair twirl or foot tap then now is the time to stop. Your peers and colleagues won't take you seriously with these displays of body language. Stillness promotes calm
  • Use open gestures when you talk. Keep your hands about waist height, show your palms and you will not only feel more relaxed, but you'll find your speech is less hesitant and more confident

  • Don't roll your eyes or pull faces that might be conceived as rude. Keep your facial expressions neutral and maintain professionalism
  • Fidgeting and playing with your clothes, jewellery or hair indicate that you're embarrassed and uncomfortable with your appearance. Avoid doing this and people won't even notice your biggest insecurities
  • Smile. A smile is contagious and can brighten any atmosphere, as well as making you appear more trustworthy and approachable

  • Maintain eye contact for at least 60% of your time. If this feels too intense, look at a point in the middle of someone's forehead to overcome this
  • Looking down when listening indicates that you are taking in what is being said
  • Crossing arms and legs make you appear resistant to change, closed and untrusting
  • Sit properly in your chair. Being too comfortable in your approach indicates a lack of respect

When it comes to team development, knowing which areas of body language to work on are key. If you have identified areas that need work, but results are slowly forthcoming, then maybe you need the help of the experts.

For more information on any of our team development activities, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you get your team back on track. 

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