Break the Ice, Ice Baby

Posted: Aug 19 2015

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Many of us have experienced that nerve-wracking feeling of walking into a room full of strangers and feeling the silent stares burning right through you, along with that faint air of awkwardness that comes with any new job.

Whilst appreciating everyone is different, it is also completely natural for your team to be slightly reluctant to gel immediately with your newcomer, and vice versa. Unfamiliarity brings reservations.

So, introducing ice-breakers or quizzes to your day can help to loosen up the atmosphere a little and create a fun environment; even if this lasts for just five minutes.Most people create their professional characters by adapting to the people around them, thinking that that is the way to be. Encouraging your staff to be themselves will earn you hard workers in return; and loyalty, which truly does go a long way.

At Team Challenge Company, we encourage team building, both within and outside of the workplace. So we have put together a few simple, quick and effective "do it yourself" ice-breakers to get the buzz started for those newbies in your workplace.Three Things You Didn't Know About MaryWhat you'll need:

  • Your team
  • Enough pens and slips of paper for everyone

Get everyone to anonymously write down three things nobody knows about them. Shuffle all the entries in a hat and read them out. Everyone can then write down (quietly) who they think it is.This helps people discover new things they didn't know about each other, whilst putting the newbie onto familiar grounds with the team. This is also bound to get people laughing out loud too.

First Things FirstWhat you'll need:

  • Your team

Stand everyone in a circle and say the first word that comes to your head. The person to your left then has to say the first thing that comes to their head in relation to your word and so on.At the end of the game, you'll be amazed at what word you started with and what word you end up with. This is a sure-fire way to have your team in stitches.

Full of Beans

What you'll need:

  • 7 different flavours of jellybean (be as experimental as you wish, just be aware of any allergies in your group)
  • 14 paper cups
  • 2 blindfolds
  • 2 pens and 2 sheets of paper

Split the group into two teams and each team can appoint a member to represent them. Alternatively, a name can be selected randomly out of a hat to make it fair. With both chosen members blindfolded, sit them each at a table with the 7 cups of random flavoured jellybeans.

In turn, they need to empty each cup into their mouth (1 or 2 jellybeans in each cup is enough), guess the flavour and then quietly write it down.

The team to guess most flavours correctly guessed wins the game. Be adventurous with the flavours though - ever heard of the new Tabasco sauce flavour? It's a killer!

Team building is key to productivity in a workplace. Ensuring your team can interact with each other will help them to proactively work together on a daily basis, whilst ensuring some common ground.

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