Posted: Feb 09 2016

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At some point in every single person’s working career, there will come a time when public speaking of any kind is a necessity. Whether this is a speech at an awards ceremony, a sales pitch to a client, a lecture to eager students or addressing your colleagues in a meeting; public speaking is a fact of life. Unfortunately, this is still a task that many people fear and avoid in reality, whether at home or in the workplace. 

The good news is that sending your staff on a team building day is an excellent way to combat these issues, particularly, because they will feel much more confident around their peers in the future after having got to know them better on a personal level.

Team Building Days & Skill Development

If you’re looking for a team building day that also allows your staff to work on their confidence, public speaking and general communication skills, then you have come to the right place. If there are members of your team that need a little encouragement when it comes to joining in or need a confidence boost, then Team Challenge Company have got just the trick. 

We have a range of team building days designed to highlight these important skill areas, such as Team Coaching, which encourages and develops leadership skills on top the bonding process involved. We also have Business Simulations to allow your team to transfer their newly honed skills to a workplace environment with ease.

Conversing with Quiet Confidence

After undertaking a day that highlights and advances your team, the responsibility is now on you to ensure that your staff take something positive from the day and utilise it to develop their skill set. Overcoming a fear of public speaking isn’t easy, but it is certainly achievable for the vast majority of people. We have a few tips to help you on your way:

  • Rehearse what you are going to say to avoid any stumbling blocks
  • Take a moment to relax before you speak. Remember to pause at appropriate moments to allow the audience to digest your words; you can focus on what you are about to go on to say and convert any nervous energy into enthusiasm

  • Avoid fidgeting. If this is an issue, hold a pen calmly to occupy your hands and steady nerves, hold on to your stand or clasp your hands behind you. Be remembered for what you said, not for what you did
  • Wear comfortable clothing to alleviate any nerves.  This is important in the fight against anxieties!
  • Be honest when it comes to answering questions. If you aren’t sure, tell them confidently that you don’t know, that it is a very good question to highlight and that you will endeavour to find out

  • Make good eye contact when communicating with your audience. Avoiding looking at them will only enhance your nervousness
  • Keep your vocabulary  simple enough for all to understand, getting to know your audience is the best way to approach this issue
  • Smile! Paint on a face of confidence and that positivity will soon emanate throughout you
  • Practice makes perfect! If you actively avoid what you are afraid of, you will never overcome the root problem; so face your fears today!

For more information on any of our team building days or corporate events, please browse our website. Don’t forget to get in touch should you require any assistance with building your team development event.

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