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Posted: Dec 02 2013

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Organise a team building trip out of the office for a day to give your team some get up and go. Keeping your employees’ needs, desires, and interests in mind will make the event much more successful. Here have highlighted some tips for you to consider when organising your company team building events:

•    Give Your Team A Reason To Be There: We know and you know that the efficiency of the company is the main focus here, but some members of your team might not share the same motivation that you do for a successful office environment. Here at Team Challenge Company, we can offer a number of team building exercises in a vast amount of locations, so your workforce can enjoy being away from those four walls for a change.

•    Give Your Team A Challenge To Tackle: The clue is in our name, we can make it as challenging or as strategic as you need it to be. It doesn’t have to be boring though, in fact, we make sure that all of our events are focussed on fun. We ensure that all team members are put into situations they would find in the office but in a completely different scenario, so you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your team. This will also show those who are able to take up leadership roles naturally. It’s a Knockout is a classic and a team building favourite among many offices with a focus on fun and exhilaration.

•    Make Activities Appropriate To Your Group: Of course it is fun having a day out of the office, but it needs to benefit your company too. It also relates back to the reason your team want to be there. If it is something they will see some benefit in and will enjoy, they will put more effort into it. Put a focus on activities that are both intellectual and social in nature, instead of being extremely physical as this can be demoralising for those that do not want to be athletic.

•    Travel To The Event Together: This should be encouraged where possible because it allows team members to interact, especially those that might not be in direct contact on a daily basis. This is also going to be better for the journey home too, where they can compare experiences and what they enjoyed about the company team building event.

Building your team in this way will pay for itself in terms of increased productivity, greater creativity and enhanced leadership. This could well be the best move your business could make. If you want to discuss your team building event with us, feel free to browse our designated webpages, we will be more than happy to guide you through your event and create a day that will be extremely beneficial to your workforce.

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