Posted: Jul 14 2016

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The working week takes up a big portion of our everyday lives, and, as such, we have to spend a lot of time with people that we wouldn't necessarily choose to interact with outside of these working hours. Knowing exactly how to handle the different personalities within a team is essential for your job satisfaction and the level of success achieved, as well as your mental and physical health.

In any job, there will be co-workers, colleagues, managers and bosses that you get on with and like, along with those that get under your skin a little too easily. If a team is unable to move past their personality differences, it can have a detrimental effect on the work done, the office mentality and atmosphere - no matter how many team development events you book, organise or attend.

The Workplace Personalities

There are a number of different personalities and personas that are seen in almost every workplace.

  1. The Judgers - these people are highly organised, go-getters who are determined to get the job done, on schedule and budget
  2. The Perceivers - these people are more spontaneous and adaptable to change
  3. The Extrovert - These people are lively and energetic, thriving within a team
  4. The Introvert - These people are focused and reserved, working well independently
  5. The Thinkers - These people are analytical and objective, focused on facts and always learning their craft
  6. The Feelers - These people are passionate and supportive, and can often see the bigger picture instead of just facts

How to Handle the Combined Team Personality

By understanding the different personalities and associated traits within a team, business owners and managers can prepare a strategy that will work best with staff members and overall business goals.

Embracing the value of all personalities is important. Each has their individual benefits and flaws, but all are essential to creating a team that is well-rounded and valuable in all areas. It is also vital to ensure that each person is working to their strengths within their role.

More information on how to handle team development can be found, here.

Build for Success

Building knowledge and insight into the personalities within your business or department is essential if you want to succeed. Once the foundations are in place, team development events can be used to firm the team structure, creating lasting bonds in the process.

If you're looking to make improvements to your business, you can, with Team Challenge Company. Please contact us on 03300 04 09 03 today. 

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