Can Team Building Help With Stress

Posted: Jul 25 2015

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Though individuals are affected by stress differently, there are a handful of tell-tale signs that can indicate that a person, or a team for that matter, are struggling with anything from workload to workplace relationships. In the case of the latter, conflict and communication issues can be two common causes of stress at work, which is where team building comes in.  

Whilst dealing with conflict may seem like a quick fix, ensuring individuals can respond in the right way and manage negative experiences between colleagues in the future is a good way to reduce stress.

Regular team building events can not only help your workers get to know one another outside of a work environment, but also encourage interaction and foster positive communication. By placing teams in a scenario that requires them to work together to achieve a common goal, it is a good way for individuals to learn others' strengths and weaknesses in different settings.

This will, in turn, allow workers to be more strategic in the way tasks are distributed, playing to individual fortes and heartening mutual respect; three things that can go a long way if and when conflict returns.

You see, conflict can arise as a result of misunderstandings; this could be in the role team members play in ‘the bigger picture' or where their expertise lies. It can also develop because of dysfunctional planning as a result of disagreements about anything from concepts to overall strategy.

What team building does is it brings the team together in a safe and controlled environment, where they will face friendly but competitive challenges, which call for teamwork on all levels. This route can also help workers identify their place within the team, whether that is as a plant or implementer, without establishing a detrimental hierarchy.

You can learn more about team roles, a theory defined by Belbin, on our blog. Alternatively, you can get in touch today to enquire about our team building events and let us shape the best experience for you and your team.

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