Posted: May 10 2016

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When it comes to a healthy, happy workforce, it is important to consider the wider picture outside of your own business vision and goals. Each and every member of staff brings something different to the table and you have chosen them based on their individual merits, determination and skill set. Each and every individual working for your company has their own set of goals, aspirations and needs to be happy, motivated and successful.

Keeping track of each employee is the responsibility of a good leader and ensures that the entire workforce is driven towards a common goal, as well as their own. While team building events are a great way to allow your staff to bond and work together with cohesion, there are additional steps you can take to coach and motivate your employees on a personal level, too.

Coach Your Team

Just as an athlete or sports person working towards a big match or race works in close collaboration with their coach to reach a common goal - success, the same ethic can be applied to the workplace. The most effective leaders are those that coach their staff towards success, which can be just as motivational as other incentives.

So, how do you coach your employees? Open a two-way dialogue that is both constructive and consistent; give specific feedback to highlight areas that are doing great and those that need some work, set clear expectations with reasonable and fair deadlines and targets, resolve any issues before they escalate and treat all staff equally regardless of status. It is also important to encourage your employees and support them towards their personal goals as well as business related ones.

Motivate Your Team

There are many ways that you can motivate a workforce. Constant praise and rewards mean nothing if your staff find it hard to respect you and your position as their leader. It is vital that you lead by example and avoid the "do as I say, not as I do" cliché. Build a culture of mutual respect by understanding their position and being objective.

Speak to your employees on a personal level regularly, and avoid favouritism, prejudice and exclusion as this is one of the quickest ways to alienate staff.  Empower your workforce by involving them in important discussions; they will feel valued, appreciated and will take more pride in their role.

Allow opportunities for promotion and personal development with short and long-term individual goals. Knowing where your employees want to be in five years is a great way to keep them motivated and a valued part of your business.

Of course, providing incentives makes the workplace more enjoyable and makes for a team that want to be at work. Run small competitions between departments, give cash rewards and bonuses as applicable, give your staff paid days off for team building events and also just to spend a little extra time with their family.

Remember: de-motivated staff won't stick around. With the right coaching and motivational efforts, though, you can ensure that your team work together as a family. Only then will your business be truly successful.

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