Posted: May 24 2016

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Join hands with others this May; start a communication with those around you and do what you can to bring unity into your workforce. Teamwork, effective communication and working with others is a vital part of any office or business, and many projects require employees to work together to get the job done. If done poorly, teamwork can cause conflict and stress, instead of creating friendships, constructive working relationships and group accomplishments when it is done willingly.

Working for a large company or a small business, effective teamwork and communication is imperative for success. Your staff will feel motivated and productive, and will work much more efficiently when they have a common goal to work towards. Team spirit is catching, so investing in team building activities could prove to be the best business decision you have made all year.

How do you inspire your group to come together for the benefit of the team? Reports suggest that increasing interaction, resolving conflict, giving the right training opportunities and delegating responsibility motivates staff on a personal and group level.

Collaboration and Involvement

Allow your teams to work in an environment that encourages collaboration and communication. Facing away from each other and working on tasks alone increases the sense of isolation and staff will begin to feel withdrawn. By utilising group work, calling meetings that involve the whole team and encouraging interaction, your employees will feel more involved, more valued and all the more productive.

Resolving Conflict

When there is poor communication in a team, you are much more likely to experience friction and conflict. Miscommunication and team members that do not get on can lead to lower productivity levels and more time spent discussing the details of the dispute itself. This is not conducive to effective teamwork. Developing a process to resolve these issues is essential to ensure the team can get back to work as soon as possible.

Development Opportunities

Effective teamwork stems from driven and satisfied individuals. Each team member has a set of goals for their personal career; take steps to allow personal progression and you will reap the rewards from a team that is neither complacent nor unhappy. Train members of staff in as many key areas as possible to ensure that as progression occurs, the remaining team members can function just as smoothly.

Allocating Ownership and Responsibility

Don't allow your team to be micromanaged; it isn't an effective use of your time or their skills. Assign areas of responsibility to each member of the team as per their skill set, experience and credentials and your employees will feel valued as well as an individually important part of the team. In turn, this gives staff areas to focus on and improve- and pride in work is paramount to staff contentment.

If your business could do with a little help when it comes to communication and teamwork, why not take advantage of our team building activities? Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a wide range of events and activities to suit your business that will improve and progress these vital areas.

For more information, please call our team on 03300 04 09 03 to discuss how our events could work for you. 

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