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Posted: Nov 04 2014

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Creativity conjures up a variety of images and meanings for different types of people. Some might immediately think of something very arty and hands-on, while others may picture a new strategy for a business, or an exciting plot line for a film. Creativity, therefore, is a highly subjective trait that is highly contingent on individual's taste and preferences.   

The workplace can harbour all kinds of different opinions, personality traits, learning styles, thinking styles; the list goes on. With such a hub of individuals, all with their own independent thought processes, it can be difficult to try and manage the avalanche of thoughts and ideas - or, in some cases, the lack thereof.

Team Challenge Company provides a variety of company team building activities and events, all of which can help improve your team's ability to communicate and collaborate. Even without a big corporate day out though, you need to be able to channel and encourage creativity in the workplace.

Ideal Conditions:

A common misconception when it comes to creativity and encouraging it is that you need ideal conditions and surroundings. This is unrealistic; if all those working in creative industries could place themselves in a ‘light, airy studio' and be ‘filled with inspiration', the planet would look very different. The reality is our creativity is subject to deadlines, restrictions and limitations; being able to create something within such tight boundaries is the real skill.

A poem by Charles Bukowski summarises this perfectly.

The workplace can feel very confined when it comes to allowing the flow of creativity; as such, it is a good idea to encourage employees to find their own way of getting ‘in the zone'. Some people work best uninterrupted with their music playing; others enjoy a big group brainstorm with plenty of A3 paper, and some appear to do nothing all day before producing a masterpiece out of nowhere. Whatever way it happens, creativity must not be based on environmental factors but, wherever possible, should stem from an individual in a raw and organic manner.


In the workplace, gathering all the necessary resources and information means covering all aspects, so when the idea is moulded, nothing is missing. While the creative process normally takes a few attempts for the finished article, it is best to have all members of the team involved, to lay out all the demands and requirements. This will not only save time but will also ensure that the whole team is working with the same brief in mind.

Cultivating creativity in the workplace requires positive encouragement and reinforcement. Your team needs to feel that they can fully trust each other and will not be ridiculed for any ideas they put forward; this will only hinder the process in the future.

Team Challenge Company offers activities that seek to help teams and groups build trust and improve communication skills in a way they would not typically practice in the office. For more information and enquiries, have a look atour informative website.

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