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Posted: Jul 20 2017

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Is your team more at home engaging in the digital world than heading outside? If so, Embrace Your Geekness Day may be the perfect excuse to organise a team building event.

On Thursday 13th July, all of those that consider themselves to have a geeky side are encouraged to show off their inner geek by whatever means necessary. So, if you know that you have a handful of gamers in your team, or there is a trivia mastermind in your ranks, Team Challenge’s variety of digital events make for the perfect corporate event.

Interactive Treasure Hunt

If you are searching for the perfect blend of tech-based team building and getting the team outside for the day, our interactive treasure hunts make for the perfect event. We run our treasure hunts in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK, offering a unique experience for all participants.

Each team is given a tablet installed with a state of the art GPS-enabled treasure hunt app, with the aim to reach all of the checkpoints before the other team(s).

Of course, it would be far too easy to simply hand each team a map; along the way, teams are required to complete various challenges to score points and unlock clues.


For the Gamers

Video games are a big favourite amongst those that possess an inner geek, and what better way to bring this out in a team building session than with a little friendly competition? When you order our Games Mania Package, we provide you with the flexibility to design a bespoke experience tailored to your business.

We provide big screen games, complete with simulation equipment, and a range of other activities to spice up the competition. Guests can be divided into teams or take on the challenge individually where you can settle the argument of who is the ultimate gamer once and for all.

Trivia King and Queens

Do you have a trivia maestro in your team? Someone who just seems to know it all? Perhaps it is a contest between multiple colleagues and there is hardly anything between them?

Put them to the ultimate test – the Digital TriMaster Challenge. Many a worthy competitor has fallen short in this combination of quiz-style challenges that will guarantee an undisputed champion when it is all said and done. This team building event can be personalised with questions and activities tailored to each business, ensuring an unforgettable afternoon or evening of quizzing.

If you would like any more information on any of the events that have been mentioned or any of our other incredible team building events, please call the Team Challenge Company on 03300 04 09 03 today.

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