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Posted: Nov 28 2014

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When organising a team event, it can sometimes be difficult to find a day that suits the majority of guests, due to inflexible work commitments or the inability to close down an entire department for the day. 

To help avoid this logistical conflict, why not consider an evening event for your team with Team Challenge Company that way your team can have all the benefit of a team bonding session, without the necessity of jeopardising deadlines.

These types of events can be just as engaging, challenging and beneficial to your team and there is also potential for the event to have a more informal approach, whilst still involving a fun and competitive team element.

Moreover, because evening events tend to be held at an external venue, it can be easier for people to relax away from their everyday workspace.

Hosting an evening event doesn't have to mean a dinner and disco; now there are so many ways to transform your dining experience to make it something memorable and exciting.

Here are just two of the most popular corporate entertainment ideas that you and your team can enjoy in the evening.

Corporate Quiz Night

Corporate quiz nights have come a long way since the days of a man standing at the front of the room, reading out general knowledge questions from a book.

They can now be an interactive as you like, to include fun games and challenges, as well as the more classic question and answer rounds; and with lights, music systems and cinematic screens, even these rounds will excite and enthral your guests.

With more versatility now than ever before, you can personalise your quiz to include questions about your company.

You could even use images of employees from the past, and ask people to guess who is who!

These types of rounds make your entertainment stand out from the crowd, showing your team you have put time and effort into organising a night that is just for them. 

Murder Mystery Dinner

The crime thriller is one of the most popular genres on TV, and in the novel form, with the classic ‘whodunit' format being rewritten and recast many times over, still exciting modern audiences today.

Hosting a murder mystery dinner gives you and your team the opportunity to take a starring role in your very own mystery!

After being presented with a brief introductory scene giving you the details of the murder, it is up to you and your team to interrogate the suspects as they dine with you.

Asking as many questions as possible, you must be able to ignore the red herrings so you can try to uncover the truth.

This humorous and highly interactive evening provides an excellent opportunity for your team to work together towards a common goal, and removes the pressure of making forced small talk over an uncomfortable dinner.

These are only two entertainment ideas for your team, but there are many, many more. It's important for you to find the style of entertainment that best suits you and your team.

So rather than choosing the first thing you find, take some time to explore your options

This might mean speaking to an industry professional for their advice on what would be best for you, or it might require some online research.

Feel free to get in touch with Team Challenge Company to make your event... The Event!

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