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Posted: Jul 31 2018

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When we are working, more often than not, you are set up in front of your computer, only stepping away to get the occasional coffee or go to lunch. This is actually terrible for our bodies and even our mental health can suffer leading to employees feeling a bit trapped or demotivated, reducing overall productivity.

Encourage them to get outside! This could be as simple as organising walking clubs on lunch – if you are able to, offer employees the option for extended lunchtimes so they don’t feel pressured to get everything done in a thirty-minute break. This can be a bonding activity between employees and lead to a more productive afternoon.

Alternatively, you could offer employees opportunity for team building, we’ve got a host of activities to take part in outdoors. Try a treasure hunt in Glasgow or a build a boat challenge in Aberdeen - you could even try tech-based games all over the UK, we will come to you!

Getting Outdoors Restores Mental Energy

Sitting in front of a screen, even it’s doing something you enjoy, can be draining both on mental and physical levels. By getting out into the sunshine you can restore your mental energy, giving you a boost prior to completing a big task.

Stop mental fatigue in its tracks and rejuvenate your tired workforce with a lunchtime walk or even an outdoor meeting!

Reduce the Stress

Stressed employees aren’t very productive but getting outside can dramatically reduce stress levels and overall increases happiness amongst workers. Studies found that employees that had the freedom to get outside showed lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which is used as a marker for measuring stress.

Not only that, but nature is proven to reduce blood pressure which is both good for our health and good for our energy levels.

Increase Attention

Research has shown that attention levels increased in children with attention disorders after they went for a walk in the park. Which means positive results for adults too, this can be particularly effective at the end of a hard-working week when attention can be difficult to focus.

Why not cut the working time on a Thursday or Friday afternoon and bring employees together for a brainstorming session outdoors? Whether you are looking for ways to better support your employees or to increase productivity, getting outdoors and getting active is the way to go.

If you’re interested in our team building activities, check out information on our GPS treasure hunt which can be held anywhere between Glasgow and Brighton. We’ve got offices all around the UK, so wherever you are, we can hold a team building day or evening on your doorstep.

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