Posted: Jan 20 2016

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The "New Year, New Me" adage that crops up every New Year is both a positive and negative when it comes to staff retention. When people evaluate their lives on an annual basis, they can often draw some surprising conclusions. Many conclude they are happy with the fundamentals - career, relationships and home; whereas others can decide they want a change. It is, therefore, inevitable that in the first few months of any given year you may lose a member or two of your staff.

For any business that wants to grow, staff retention is often a high priority and this can be achieved in a variety of ways; with a solid, working culture that is reinforced through team building activities and also making staff feel valued and appreciated, as well as a fair remuneration policy.

Recruitment Drive

When a member of staff needs to be replaced, time and money is invested in the recruitment process which means you will want to find the right candidate; who won't up and leave after a few months.

There are a few clear signs to avoid when starting a recruitment drive, however.  If a candidate struggles to hold a job down for more than a year, be wary; someone who struggles to pinpoint their short and long term goals demonstrates a lack of forethought and are quite possibly a flight risk. Also, avoid candidates with very high expectations that your available role cannot fulfil.

Is Longevity Right for You?

Not all businesses require staff to stick around for the long haul, as many industries fluctuate in terms of production and trends. However, for others, it can be significant to have staff that stick around.

The pros of a long-term, committed workforce include employees knowing the company and brand inside out, being on top of clients, campaigns and strategies; this, along with fewer recruitment costs allows for additional training, pay increases and fun team building activities.

There are a few cons of longevity in your workforce, such as adapting to changes in the market, which is much harder, as many people get stuck in a routine of working a certain way. Similarly, it can be difficult to remove someone who, unfortunately, no longer fits in with your company culture.

Retention Strategy

Here at teamchallenge-company.co.uk, we believe that the best way to retain staff is through a robust strategy.

  • Offer a fun, inclusive environment for staff to grow and evolve in. Team building activities, meals out and adequate training needs are essential for this
  • Make your staff feel valued - recognise achievements, celebrate birthdays and give recognition where it is deserved

  • Ensure plenty of opportunities for advancement - all employees want to feel like they have contributed to the overall success of the business, and they cannot do this if they feel like their particular skill set is not being utilised
  • Fair remuneration is often seen to many employees as the deal breaker, although this is sometimes not the case. Ensure you are offering reasonable reparation alongside the above points and you will see the true meaning of staff loyalty.

We wish you luck on the hunt for the right candidate - as only you and your business can get that right. For everything else, Team Challenge Company are here to help. We plan and organise some of the best team building activities in the country, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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