Honesty is the Best Policy

Posted: Nov 18 2014

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There are many qualities that make a great leader, some of which are more important than others, and for us honesty is definitely one of the most significant. 

When working in a team, everything must stem from the trust and honesty that is established; without it, things begin to spiral and descend quite rapidly.    

We are all taught as youngsters that ‘honesty is the best policy', but this sometimes falls by the wayside a little when it comes to adulthood.

Of course, nobody would describe themselves as a liar, but can you hand-on-heart say that you've always made all your criticisms known? When you last said ‘yes, that report is almost done,' did you really mean 10% of it was nearly done?

Well, below we have listed a few areas where honesty may not always be at the top of your team's agenda. We have also detailed some of the best ways to tackle the issue should it arise.

Two-way communication

Communication in its most raw format is a means of transmitting a message by responding to some form of gesture. If someone does not respond in any manner, then the communication has not taken place, and the message has not been received or understood.

In order to have a good level of communication in any situation, both parties must be aware that their intended message has been received and understood. While this may appear obvious, so many mistakes are caused by communication breakdowns, from cooking blunders to military errors.

There can be  a lot at risk from communication breakdown, so it is imperative that you and your team communicate in a clear manner. Remember, this means ensuring everyone is of a clear understanding and that you have been as honest as possible with all necessary information.

Role Model

Once you have established a reliable connection with your employees and colleagues, you must then remember that your behaviour is of paramount importance at all times. The company and its staff are a direct representation of their leader, so the more honest and positive you are, the better.

Your team will follow your lead, resulting in a positive and honest rapport for all those involved with your business. Most large institutions have a clear ethos laid out, which they seek to abide by at all times. A good example of this is the BBC; they pledged to ‘Educate, Inform and Educate', and they adapt everything they produce to follow this protocol.

Clarifying what is expected from the whole company, and practicing this yourself, makes for a great, relatable leader.


An office environment is an intimate setting, and spending 8-9 hours together at once can be quite a daunting prospect. However, a large percentage of the population deal with this situation daily.

In order to ensure your team feels as at ease and relaxed as possible at work, you need to maintain an honest and trustworthy atmosphere that encourages teamwork and comradeship. With trust also comes loyalty, and loyal, hardworking staff is something any company would strive for.

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