Posted: Mar 29 2016

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In every workplace, there will always be strengths and weaknesses in all areas if you look hard enough. While it is important to monitor weaknesses to implement changes and turn them around, it is equally as important to reward your staff for their strengths that have contributed to your successes, too.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we cater to your business' needs in terms of team building events and other activities that help develop and hone your staff across a range of key areas.

Addressing Your Weaknesses

There are always going to be weaknesses in a company. That's not to say that your staff aren't working hard enough or are the wrong person for the job. The fact that you selected them at the interview from a range of candidates means that you believe they are right for the job. So, what else could be causing these shortcomings?

More often than not, it is a gap in skills, knowledge and abilities. The best way around this is to address these deficits by assessing your business' training needs.

Evaluate and Analyse

To effectively determine your training needs, it is important that you anticipate any changes that might be up and coming (e.g. maternity leave, promotions, etc.), to analyse and dissect the root cause of any poor performance. This can then detect the training required to get your team back on par.

Similarly, it is important that you understand that not each member of staff requires the same training and that setting unrealistic goals and targets is detrimental to individual success and morale.

Getting Started

Start your process at the top and work your way down. Evaluate the business overall to get a sense of where to focus your efforts, to achieve short and long term goals. Look at each department in turn and identify areas that are lacking in knowledge or skill that may be holding the team back from realising their full potential.  Finally, you can look at evaluating your staff on an individual basis in the same way.

Identifying the critical areas and gaps in knowledge and skills is the first step towards turning this situation around. The second step is ensuring your staff get the training that they need. For some, this may be to ensure they move smoothly into a more senior position; for others, it is more so they can complete their role more efficiently.

Setting clear objectives when entering into training is the only way to realistically measure its success, which, in turn, is important when reviewing your business.

Rewarding Your Strengths

Now that you have tackled the weaknesses and areas that may be holding your business back from growth, it is time to let your employees and staff know that they are a vital part of the company that makes it successful. Organising team building events is the best way to keep your staff focused and happy, while rewarding them for hard work, too.

All of the team building events we organise at Team Challenge Company are thoroughly entertaining and discreetly educating; happily driving your team towards success. Boosting employee confidence, encouraging open communication and being aware of each individual's strengths is the best way for your team to move collectively forward.

For more information on our range of team building events, please contact the team via our website or by calling 03300 04 09 03.

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