Posted: Nov 05 2015

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It’s difficult to deny that there seems to be a lull in productivity in the latter few hours on a Friday afternoon, in any company. There appears to be an inherent cell in us all that signals it is time to wind down and relax as it is nearly the weekend, and the weekend isn’t for work.

However, this isn’t necessarily what the managers and directors want to be seeing when their workforce are texting friends their plans or seem to be taking a good hour writing a single email.
Well, if you want a helping hand in combatting this nationwide epidemic then take a look at a few DIY ideas below.

5-minute countdown challenge

Typically speaking, there is a drop in productivity at around 3 to 4 pm and people will reach for a coffee and a biscuit in a bid to perk themselves up. However, on a Friday this seems to remain in place until the clock hits ‘home time’.

Try rallying the troops with a quick fire round of countdown or a brain teaser for 10-15 minutes, where everyone grabs their cuppa and refocuses themselves for the last part of the week.

Share the load

Inevitably there will be some people whose fingers are almost burnt out by trying to get things wrapped up by the close of play on Friday while others merely drag things out. It is important to remind team members that they are a team and that asking or giving help should not be alien to them.

In the final hour, why not request that any small tasks that can be assisted on are emailed around and up for grabs; in order to make sure everyone leaves the office with reasonably equal stress levels and task lists for the coming week. Click here and see how you can give your squad that much needed work boost!


The imposing of a deadline in some companies is very strict, and adherence to such is an absolute expectancy, yet in others, deadlines is a foreign term.

In order to maintain a steady workflow and an even pace for your team, bringing in timely deadlines and a well-organised structure for meeting them can allow for a more positive output throughout the week.

Team building events

If you are considering a team building event and seem to struggle with the weekend wind down, why not try organising this for a Friday? This way it is not so intensive that people will have their brains fried by the time Saturday comes, and nor will it indicate a ‘mess around’ day, as vital and important bonds are created and strengthened.

If you think that it is about time your team got a gentle reminder that they are still expected to work on a Friday, then why not give our DIY recommendations a go. Or better yet, pencil in a date for a full team building activity by looking through our extensive and varied activities listed.

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