Is Conflict Part of Your Personality

Posted: Jun 04 2015

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Conflict in teams is bad.

This seems to be the one, simple truth we can all agree on.

Disagreements or differing views and opinions are fine, and sometimes they are even healthy; providing, of course, that any criticism is constructive, and that everyone takes everyone else's points on board.

However, actual conflict in the workplace, whether direct or indirect, can be complicated.

In some cases, it is so out in the open that it disrupts the entire workplace dynamic. Other times, it is concealed and unresolved. In both cases, more often than not, it proves to be toxic and damaging to individuals, teams and companies.

That is why team development is so crucial. By encouraging team members to interact, collaborate, understand, and support one another, you help them air out problems in a controlled and constructive environment. As such, issues can be resolved and relationships rebuilt or strengthened.

But why do some teams face conflict whilst others don't? And how is it that certain individuals can find themselves enthralled in workplace conflict more often than their co-workers and peers?

Well, according to, research conducted by Donald Loffredo, Ed.D, at the University of Houston found that it is all down to personality.

Using the personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs model, this research concluded that Intuitive Thinking types (INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP) were more likely to demonstrate highly argumentative traits.

Intuitive (N) types tend to consider arguing as a way of "exploring possibilities" and ideas, whilst Thinking (T) types used arguments as a tool to aid logic and analysis. Thinking personalities also manage to detach themselves emotionally from arguments and confrontation, so they don't take things as personally as Feeling (F) types.

Understanding the difference in approach to arguments is vital when it comes to keeping the peace. If Thinkers can think before they speak, they can spare the feelings of sensitive Feelers. So, it makes sense to invest in team development, administered by professional Event Management specialists like Team Challenge Company.

We will provide a fun, informative and interactive team development day that identifies people's skills and weaknesses, as well as their personality types, according to Myers-Briggs. This will then help your team recognise argumentative types, and perhaps allow them to avoid conflict and confrontation altogether.

So if you want to invest in team development and use corporate team building activities to ease tension and encourage a strong team bond, get in touch with our specialists today.

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