Posted: May 02 2016

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Everyone has aspirations in life, something that they aspire to achieve in both short- and long-term. We are all, ultimately, on our own personal journey, walking towards our own focus and goals.

Of course, when we say "we", we mean you.

There are many well-known sayings that could be misinterpreted in life as greed. Sayings such as: 

"In order to let someone love you, you need to learn to love yourself, first." 

"Light the candle in your own home before attempting to light someone else's."

Now, although the above sayings could be seen as selfish, they mean something else entirely.

These phrases are, in fact, motivation to inspire personal development. Helping yourself is a vital part of life planning. Once you have set yourself a goal, you will subconsciously find yourself basing all your plans around this one sole focus; which eventually becomes your vision and direction.

But what if this goal isn't an individual goal but a joint, common focus for your team?

Although many staff members are ultimately in it for personal gain, when it comes to a collective group, there may be a division of goals, aims, feelings, thoughts, opinions and different directions but there will always be those on your staff that see the bigger picture for the business as a whole.

The key to collective success is to see the team as one individual unit; where there is no room for digression or differences in opinion. How do you get so many different personalities to interact with each other to reach common ground? You implement a team spirit, of course.

You inspire others to not only help themselves but into the ultimate objective and final vision; the journey you are all on, together. You inspire individuals to not only look out for themselves but for those around them too, as each and every one of them represents a pillar of the success of the company. Instead of passing blame, take responsibility as a team and encourage its bond, and treat everyone as an equal. If one pillar broke, all the others would struggle as a result.

However, although this all sounds like something off a movie set, it can be incredibly difficult to put into practice without expert help. Team Challenge Company is here to help you mould and gel with your team, encourage joint growth as well as personal development, increase confidence and reinforce trust amongst groups.

Most of us spend most of our time in the workplace, which is why the primary goal for most people is based on success and financial stability - this is a focus that the majority of staff have in common. Work will always be work but there is nothing more beautiful than having a family at home and a loving family at work, too. With the right team around it, it won't even feel like work anymore.

If you fail to voice your commercial direction, you will find members of your team spinning out and moving towards other paths without any collective aspiration or joint vision. Ensuring your team gel well will take them from strength to strength while they discover common ground and unearth their personality quirks.

Continuously infusing a team spirit into your staff will incite their natural desire to work together and what better way to do this than to begin with a team building activity?

Seek purpose from your work family and let Team Challenge Company organise your next team building event. After all, work is work at the end of the day; it's the people and environment you work with that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

So, it is time you asked yourself the ultimate question: How healthy is your work life?

For more information on team building events, contact Team Challenge Company today, and we'll call it a joint success.

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