Leaders Corner: Three Fictional Characters To Take Note Of

Posted: Jul 30 2015

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As a leader, striking the balance between your work commitments and supporting your team can be difficult, especially if you're finding communication and trust a big issue in your department. Still, you have the team building services of Team Challenge Company all around the UK to help foster relationships within your team whilst exposing them to challenges with beneficial outcomes back at the office.   

Outside of team building hours though, what can you do to streamline operations and ensure everyone proceeds with best practices, with the growth of the company and objectives at heart?

Well, there is a little something to be learnt from many a fictional character these days, some of which have been listed below.

Jay Gatsby - focus, never lose sight of the end goal but don't set unrealistic goals

As one of the most prominent fictional characters in Fitzgerald's book, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is a millionaire living in West Egg, with Nick Carraway as his neighbour. Though his methods of acquiring his wealth were not always ethical, he never lost sight of what was arguably his life's purpose.

While we can learn never to deter our focus from the end goal though, Jay Gatsby also teaches us the importance of setting realistic objectives, something leaders should realise in order to reach their aim.

So, instead of setting huge goals within impractical time scales, try using smaller, attainable aims to motivate your team and take a step towards to what you're looking to achieve.

Katniss Everdeen                                                                                            

Considered to be the heroine of The Hunger Games series, Katniss Everdeen is admired for her strong will, determination and good heart. In the third instalment, she is forced to make several sacrifices, something leaders can frequently relate to.

No matter what company you work for or what industry you're in, sacrifices are inevitable and being capable of recognising what's practical and what is ideal, but not required can go a long way when it comes to leadership. From Katniss, we can learn that standing by your decisions is likely to earn the respect of those who already look up to you.


 A favourite of many, Jedi Master Yoda plays a huge role in the Star Wars saga, known for his knowledge and wise words in almost all cases. Perhaps the most notable leadership lesson we can take from his character though is the idea that actions actually do speak louder than words.

Leading by example isn't always easy, especially if members of your team are resistant to change or there is an existing clash of personality. Still, motivating your team by doing rather than saying, as well as understanding that the way you act will be reflected in how your team respond, is important. So, as an example, instead of noting that the team needs a boost and failing to act on it, why not organise an event. It's likely your workers will be grateful and respect your actions, another crucial factor in a team that work in seamless synergy.

These are just three fictional characters leaders should take note of, and a few pointers to take back to the workplace.

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