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Posted: Oct 28 2015

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Valuable time with your team is something that mustn’t be ignored or under-valued. However, sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, and you are stretched to manage even five minutes.

So we’ve done a bit of thinking and come up with a few DIY team-building activities that will only take five or ten minutes and are still as effective as ever.
Why not try a few listed below and let Team Challenge Company know how you get on.

A Lie and Two Truths
While this may sound a little similar to something you might have done at a sleepover, it is a very effective method of getting to know peers and colleagues better.

Ideally suited to 3 – 10 participants.

Each member of the team needs to write down on a piece of paper, two facts about themselves and one untruth, which is subtle enough to go under the radar. Upon completing this part of the task, each person then takes their turn to read these three statements aloud.
It is then the task of the team to decide which statement is the wolf amongst the sheep.
This is fun, but it also gives your team a better indication of each other’s strengths/weaknesses, and any other little facts they may have written down. Good for bringing people together via some light-hearted fact-finding.

This activity within any team is often overlooked as not only a fantastic team building event but also an incredibly productive and fruitful one.
Getting thoughts or ideas together individually can be mentally strenuous and tiring, with ideas soon running out. Try pulling a few team members together and getting your brains ticking jointly to come up with a better series of ideas and solutions.
Being able to feed off your team’s ideas and thoughts can bring about all kinds of inspiration that perhaps wouldn’t have come about individually.
Also, brainstorms encourage listening and speaking in a group situation, which is frequently shied away from.

Paper Tearing

This is a very simple technique to assess the listening skills of team members and the clarity of instructions given by managers.
As simple as needing a piece of paper and telling your colleagues to close their eyes and listen to what to do. Firstly, they are told to tear the paper in half, and then tear the halves again, and so on. Eventually, once this is completed, upon opening their eyes, the results will indicate how clear or unclear the instructions were, in comparison to how the manager’s paper looks.
These are just a few little ways in which you can make five minutes very worthwhile and effective.
If you have any other short and sweet DIY Team Building Activities, why not let us know!

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