Organising a Summer Fun Day

Posted: Aug 09 2015

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Too soon will we be giving up summery skies and trading them in for something a little less pleasant, but equally characteristic of British autumn and winter. And, after months of fanning themselves with anything they can find in a sweltering office, don't you think it's time the company enjoyed a day in the sun before this season ends? 

Now, we already know what you're thinking; what good could possibly come from letting my employees run wild in the baking heat? Well, summer fun days can actually be incredibly productive, especially in terms of team building. 

You see, being cooped up in an office all summer long is, understandably, going to take its toll on some workers. This is why organising an event that fosters relationships, team-wide communication and much more, without taking away the element of fun, is such a good idea.

As a manager, you can benefit from these fun days just as much as your workers, as they learn to work in unison to overcome challenges, and put their own strengths to the test during competitions.

So, what do you need to know about organising a summer fun day? Read on to see just four tips on how to make sure the day is successful.

Picking Your Venue

First of all, you need to think location, location, location. Ideally, you will want somewhere that is manageable for the whole team, and that can cater for your tailored fun day.

Consider what activities you want to include and which venue offers the best space for both party size and attractions. That way, you can visualise your day from the offset, without having to worry about it being too far away for some, and too cramped for others.

Of course, if you're struggling to pick from our extensive portfolio of venues, you can make the most of our years of event management by enquiring directly. We would be more than happy to help you select the most ideal location and site for your event, based on the requirements and objectives of your summer fun day.

Mix of Activities

On top of picking the right venue, you also need to think about activities that cater to everyone's tastes. As an example, a few team members may be keen to go head to head in the Target Zone or take to the dirt tracks with fun Motorised Activities. Alternatively, they can thoroughly enjoy our selection of Entertainers, including, but not limited to, magicians and clowns.

Luckily, Team Challenge Company has events to suit any preference and there really is something for everyone within our portfolio.

So, when choosing a mix of activities, don't forget to consider what everyone likes. Then you can tailor your event to what suits your team best, which will help to encourage all members to get involved and, well, have fun!

Take it Online

You may not realise that one day of summer fun day entertainment will actually translate as months of interaction online, whether you choose to take it to social media platforms or keep it consistent to your website.

This clever marketing tool works to not only shape and show existing and potential customers your brand's true personality, but it may also be beneficial internally too, bringing the team together and heightening team spirit leading up to the next event!

Competitive (yet friendly) Team Spirit

After an energetic day of entertainment, how can you end your day on a high note, with activities that will top it all off?

Well, friendly competitions are always a great choice and can teach a few lessons about the importance of cooperation, which can be taken back to the workplace.

So whether you opt for some fun races or, better yet, a full-steam-ahead It's A Knockout competition, you can be sure that you'll finish the event in style, and your team will leave, totally satisfied by the summer fun day!

With these four tips in mind, we look forward to working with you to organise your best summer fun day yet!

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