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Posted: Nov 11 2014

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At Team Challenge Company, we offer a wide range of both indoor and outdoor team building events, and through the years our team have delivered a wide range of these events. While all of our events are enjoyable in their own unique way, it is safe to say that having delivered them all; we all have our favourites! 

Read on to discover what our team really think of the team building events we deliver, and why they have such a soft spot for these specific events.

Jonathan Hazley, Sales Manager - Trade to Win

My favourite team building event would have to be our Trade to Win because it has such a strong business focus. Because this event focuses on the development of a business plan and allowing teams the space to develop creative solutions to real business problems, it can really make a difference back in the workplace. Added to this: getting to build and launch a rocket 100ft into the air - what's not to like?!

Robie Gilmour, Event Manager - Pressure Zone

The Pressure Zone is far and away my favourite team building event! It is fast paced, intense and a super fun way of allowing people to discover their inner competitor. As a truly competitive individual, this element of competition and focus really appeals to me, so I really enjoy delivering the event too. It is so much more than a one-dimensional team building event and provides a spectacular show to enjoy as well as participate in.

Simon Grant, Event Manager - City Scavenger Hunt

I love visiting new places and meeting new people, something I am lucky enough to experience every day with Team Challenge Company, and never more so than with a City Scavenger Hunt event. Having the opportunity to explore a city, and to see much more than just the tourist façade, is immensely enjoyable for me and I can really see why it is such a popular event as it provides a different take on classic ideas of team building. 

These are just some of the reasons why Team Challenge Company love what we do, but what is most interesting is that our clients enjoy our events just as much, for different reasons! To use the above examples of our favourites, here is a taste of what some of you thought about our recent team building events.

Trade to Win

Many thanks for this. Everyone had a good time taking part in the Trade to Win. Thanks again to everyone at Team Challenge Company for helping to make it a successful day. Henderson Loggie.

Pressure Zone

Just wanted to pass back a massive thank you to your team - they were fantastic. Our guys really enjoyed the Pressure Zone, and it helped build our team's relationships, just as we had hoped it would. Thank you for your assistance in arranging the event, I hope we can work together in the future. Talisman Energy.

City Scavenger Hunt

We had a wonderful City Scavenger Hunt afternoon, the feedback from the team has been great, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  One of the highlights was coming back to the office to crown the winning team and to view the photos.  Many thanks to the team for making our day so special.Hymans Robertson.

It is incredible for our team to read your feedback and to know that you enjoy our events as much as we do. So thank you to everyone who sends in feedback; now you know how much we enjoy them too! If you have anytjhing you'd like to share with us, then get in contact with the team via our site today!

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