Posted: Nov 01 2015

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Calling all you full-time office workers …
We tend to spend the majority of our time with our colleagues. Believe it or not, a lot of us even choose to spend our lunch times in their fabulous company. But because there can never be too much of a good thing, we can all get on each other’s nerves from time to time.

That’s why it is a good idea to defeat the object and spend just that little bit longer with your team, by booking a team building event with us.

All that pent up anger and frustration needs to go somewhere, right? So Team Challenge Company has four ideas for you to release that frustration from within and take it out in a positive manner, whilst having fun at the same time (with all due respect!).

Smash it in

Well, with paintballs anyway; paintballing the completely painless way. Introducing you to a custom-built inflatable paintball game. Instead of targeting your peers, though, you are aiming at the targets within. Harmless and fun, you’ll find you probably didn’t really want to smash your colleagues in paint anyway - this is far more fun!

Throw in the axe

Release your inner warrior and show them who’s boss with your aiming skills. A game of talent and challenge, you are aiming at targets and judged on the highest points. There’s even a champion trophy at the end for the winner amongst you. Have you got what it takes? Bullseye, indeed!


Three words: rifle, pellet, target. You can pretty much guess the rest, right? Learn how to shoot tricky targets (the clay or tin can type) on a 40ft firing line, whilst in practice mode, and then set yourself up for the ultimate competition challenge at the end. Sturdy hands required; imagination optional.

Gladiator, ready?

Remember the famous old school TV show? Well, what better way to release that tension than to literally fight it out, one on one, with your team? It’s the best way to alleviate yourself from all that pent up umbrage from the office, and in the safest way possible. What’s more is that you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget why you were even angry in the first place! BFFs again?

A wonderful afternoon of Indoor Team Building had been thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance, as our guests departed with big smiles and lots of high-5s. A big shout out and thank you must go to Louise for all her hard work in organising such a brilliant event. We very much hope that the entire Sky team had a fantastic afternoon with us, and very much hope to see you all again soon for the rematch.

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