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Posted: Dec 20 2014

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Office based teams can frequently find themselves faced with monotony in the sense that the office environment does not offer a great deal of change. While the workload may be extremely varied and intense, the environment itself may not offer much in the way of inspiration or challenge.

Though a breath of fresh air or a nice weekend break may suffice to enable employees to refresh their minds for the next day, sometimes a little more is required.

However, this can leave some employers a little perplexed in terms of what to turn to for that new level of rejuvenation. It is here that an outdoor team building day may offer the perfect solution.

While we may be heading towards the winter months, and the long dark nights are drawing in, it won't be long before Christmas is out of the way, and the New Year has arrived.

Our suggestion, as with everything else in business, would be to plan far ahead!

Getting Started and Presenting

The S1 Soapbox Derby encourages you and your team to get creative and competitive while exploring a large array of skills vital for team building and effective teamwork.

The day begins by receiving a Pedal-Powered Kart Frame and an array of materials you can then put to use in ways your team deem most effective. 

You'll have to come up with a racing brand, fully complete with; a name, logo, strapline, four brand values and a mission statement too. While you're doing this, it is important the team realises only materials supplied on the day can be used.

Once all the design work has been completed it must be submitted to the potential sponsors. This will really test your skills as they decide whether or not to offer a sponsorship deal.

In Short...

The afternoon is a jam packed ‘GO GO GO' event where your team will really need to stay focused. The team leader will need to ensure they are on top of not only managing the team but also how much time is being used.

The day will include the following, for everyone to get well and truly stuck in with:

  • Design and Build your bespoke Race Kart using the materials provided
  • Come up with your Team Name
  • Develop your Team Brand
  • Design your Team Merchandise
  • Follow Strict Building Specifications
  • Present a marketing pitch to the F1 Board of Directors
  • Take part in the Qualifying Session
  • Have all Team Members race in the final Grand Prix


The day will offer a full itinerary in terms of team building, amidst all the excitement and the buzz of the final race.

Colleagues will have no choice but to ensure they are all pulling together to achieve their end goal; a fantastic and successful soap box kart.

If you think this may be something your team could benefit from, and appears to be the perfect office get-away, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Team Challenge Company!

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