Do-It-Yourself Ice Breaker

Posted: Apr 29 2013

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Every week we will offer you a DIY ice breaker to help break the ice to a weekly team meeting or team building - these sorts of ice breakers will help your team learn more about each other which will help team bonding while learning more about how to deal with each other. It will also get you warmed up and exciting for your next Team Building event with Team Challenge Company. The Ice Breaker for this week is borrowed from a well known program called "Would I Lie To You" that was presented by Angus Deayton but is now presented by Rob Brydon with team captains being David Mitchell and Lee Mack. One of the rounds in "Would I Lie To You" is where each person stands up and makes three statements, two of these statements are the truth but one is a lie. The rest of the team then guess which statement was the lie. This game can either be played as two teams or everyone can work as one big team to try and guess which statement is the lie. If you only have a small team and the game comes to an end quickly, you can play the game again but the other way round and each person needs to say three statements, two are lies and one is the truth - the team then need to guess which statement is the truth. It may be wise to start the game yourself so you can set the mood. It could be anything from where you have been on holiday, stating two places you have been on holiday and two places you have not been on holiday, or if you have met a celebrity you could list names of celebrities you have met and not met. An ice breaker game does not need to be work orientated, the idea of it is to break the ice and get to know each other better.

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