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Posted: Jun 03 2013

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Last year we saw the country come together in support of our athletes at the Olympics, but numerous companies came together too, hosting corporate activity days and corporate fun days to improve staff morale. These sorts of events are great for you and your team and it's highly recommended you do around two a year to keep the morale high in your team. It is important that staff are engaged, if staff are not engaged you will not be able to operate at your full potential as a business. If employees are passionate about their jobs this will be reflected in the level of work they do and also how happy your customers are. They are four smaller factors which added together make the ‘Engagement Factor', these are; Emotional Attachment, Involvement, Commitment and Productivity. If your staff feel all of these individual factors at work, they will also feel engaged at work and you will have a winning team. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to making your entire staff feel engaged all of the time but we do have some top tips for you to help engage your team to make a better workplace. Try and make your staff feel involved by including them on future decisions for the business - you may also find that they have some thoughts that had never crossed your mind meaning you get the best. Team Building Days and Corporate Family Fun Days really help to make your team feel they are a valued part of the business, so use these days as a way of showing your employees you care. Value your workers as members of the family, not just people that work for you. Ask your staff about their day, their weekend and their family but more importantly than that - listen to their answer and remember it to talk about it again in the future. As your team become more engaged you will see the workplace productivity improve and the workplace will become a happier place to be. Why not speak to us to see how we can help with your Employee Engagement and all the factors that make your employees engaged within the business.

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