How to Overcome Barriers towards Team Building

Posted: Apr 23 2013

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It is often said that a team is only as good as its leader but sadly even the best teams and team leaders have problems to confront, it is how these problems are dealt with that really shows how good a team are. Sometimes there will be barriers to break down when it comes to team building events. Everyone in the world has their own way of doing things and their own style of which they do it, but a good way of dealing with differing styles is to put two team members of different styles together for a team building task and they will be able to understand each others style better. Sometimes, there are personality conflicts within a team and this may be that they just don't get on and will never be friends. In this case, a way of them working together professionally needs to be found. This can be helped with team building challenges where they work together to find a solution. The age-old saying ‘Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth' can be true in the everyday office. Just like an orchestra needs a conductor, a team needs a leader. This helps the team find direction and ensure the whole team are working towards the same goals. A common problem within teams is that some team members have their eye on the prize and have individual ambitions that do not involve the whole team. Healthy competition is good but when you have members of the team that went to show off and / or put others down then this is something that you need to work on as this will work against any team development training you have been working on with your team.

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