Is This Team Building?

Posted: Jun 07 2013

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The picture above is holds the world record for the largest ever sports team bar bill, it seems that the Boston Bruins Hockey Team ran up the bill of $156,679.74 to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup in June 2011. Here at Team Challenge Company we agree that you should show your appreciation for the team, especially when they have done well, but a bar bill of over 156 thousand dollars seems a little extreme. If your team do well then praise them by all means but why not organise a Corporate Fun Day or Corporate Activity Day for the whole team to enjoy; they could even bring their families too! If you are looking to do a ‘Team Building Event' to boost the morale in your team then drinks down the pub is not always a great idea. The people that do not feel part of the team will stay on the outside of the group, the clicky groups will stay with each other and when you return to the office the underlying problems will still be there. Team Building Events need to involve the whole team, make sure they mix with each other within the team and focus on any problems within the team whether they are leadership issues, communication issues or such like. If you are not sure what sort of team building to organise for your team then why don't you give us a call and we can advise the best options for you.

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