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Posted: May 18 2013

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We have been organising team building events for years now and we love some of the team names that are created for these team building events. Some teams chose a team leader for the team building event and from them the team gets their name, for example: Beth's Team. There are some teams that class their teams as Team A, Team B or Team C and some companies give each of their team a colour. All of these team names work well, but it is always better for the team to choose their own name. This is sometimes a really good mini icebreaking game to get the team to relax into each others' company and for all of our events we split the group into teams and then each team chooses their own name. This is when some of the best team names come out, just some of our favourite Team Names are listed below; The Cereal Killers Soup-A-Stars The Muffin men Two Meat and Three Veg Eleven Wise Monkeys (better still there were 10 in the team) Average Joes Snow Chance (on a very cold and close to snowy day) The Smarties / Smarty Pants Beauty School Drop Outs (group of 6 men) The Fighting Pickles However one of our favourite team names had to be "The Good, The Bad and We Left The Boss At the Office" It showed us how close the team were with their managers. It also showed us that not only the staff, but also the bosses were up for a laugh while also keeping a suitable level of respect. What is the favourite team name you have come across?

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