Tips for Team Building Exercises

Posted: Apr 10 2013

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An excellent advantage of Team Building is that it helps members of the team to bond while helping the team leader improve on his or her team leadership skills. Team building is also excellent for reducing tension and conflict which can occur when people work closely together for a long time. It is a good idea to complete team building exercises off-site as this means there are less ‘office distractions' and attendees can arrive with fresh and open minds. While completing team building and team development exercises it is important to ensure that every attendee participates equally and that there is no attendees that are highlighted more than others. Icebreakers are a brilliant way to, well, ‘break the ice'. They make people feel more relaxed about the activities ahead and it gets everyone to the same level. Good ice-breakers include silly party games and other activities that people can relax and enjoy. It is then important to organise activities that help your staff work as a team, these sorts of activities will help your team leaders with leadership skills and it will help with the general development of the team. Activities that involve trust are good too as this will help with team development too. This sort of activity could involve some people blind-folded having to trust the team members that are not blind folded. Give your staff a task to help them work on their problem solving skills. How they listen and respond to other people's opinions will show their character too. The skills they improve on in these activities will be extremely valuable when the team are met with problems in the work place.

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