Work Parties: Good Or Bad?

Posted: May 04 2013

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Private parties, organised out of work hours, for team members has both its positives and negatives. Predominantly these parties involve a lot of alcohol and mean a late night, so if this is organised during the week there could be problems the next morning. People calling in sick, a smell of alcohol and reduced work load are just some of the after effects.  Although, these types of party can have their benefits too. Not only will relationships form or become stronger but there is bound to be stories the following day in the office which are sure to have everyone enjoying a giggle.  There are other alternatives to alcohol-filled events though which can have the same benefits. Corporate fun days, for example, are held under supervision of professionals and there is always a positive motive behind each party. When they know each other, they become stronger as a team and as a result; you get productive results on all your team goals.  Organising corporate fun days every once in a while will be an efficient way to get your team out of the office and get them enjoying office-like activities where relationships can grow. It's good to utilise birthdays, employee hiring anniversaries, quarterly practice milestones, staff meetings, seasonal events, reward ceremonies too because these are also ways to improve your team and their relationships outside of working hours.  Corporate fun days are one of the best ways to get away from the everyday job routines and have some fun. They will give a great incentive to the staff too and will reenergized them without having to enjoy the company of others with the help of alcohol.

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