Posted: Dec 22 2015

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The short period covering November and December can be one of the most demanding times of year for many businesses. Many claim that the last 8-10 weeks of the year is around the time in which they make 90% of their annual profit. Therefore, it is only natural to employ temporary staff to cover this extremely busy period.

Lewin's psychological take on Field Theory attests the importance of team building, particularly in relation to temporary staff. While full-time members of staff attain a fulfilling experience due to their basic needs being satisfied, ensuring temporary staff are on the same page and sharing the same experience will ensure that your team of both levels of staff work and co-exist together fruitfully.


When taking on temporary staff, be sure to get an understanding of prospective employees' personalities and consider how well they will work with your existing staff. Ensuring all members are on the same page and working together from day one is especially important with staff that are on short-term contracts. This will save time, money and training hours if a temp doesn't feel comfortable after their first shift and fail to turn up the following day.

Whether they are with the company for a few weeks, a few months or permanently; you should always make every effort to make staff feel included and part of a team. Team building for temporary staff is vital to ensure that these members of your workforce are on board with targets and represent your business in the best manner possible.


As far as is possible, you should ensure that temporary staff enjoy some, if not all, of the same perks that your permanent members of staff do. Include them in department competitions, offer them staff discount and invite them to the staff Christmas party. Should it be applicable, include them in any performance-related incentives, too.

Ensure all temp staff have clear guidelines on policies and procedures, know who their point of contact is and offer detailed training to ensure they perform as efficiently as possible in the short time that you have them.  Include them in staff meetings and discussions, and encourage active involvement to align their goals with your business objectives for the period.


Social interaction is a vital part of team building with temporary staff. A successful working relationship between temp and permanent staff is essential to ensure that temp staff get as much out of the experience as possible. A feeling of inclusion and belonging encourages the individual to work fervently for the benefit of the whole team.

Personal development is also important. Provide your temporary staff with excellent training, and they will not only take away the experience of working for your company, but they will have acquired new skills and developed their existing skills as well as just short-term monetary gain.

Put simply,  team building for temporary staff isn't too different than for permanent members of staff. However, to ensure you get the most out of your short-term staff, select candidates who will work well within your existing team structure in an accelerated environment.

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