Posted: Aug 18 2016

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News Just In: One of the best ways for your business to build a better team is to encourage communication, develop their problem-solving skills and stimulate their competitive side. Our Interactive GPS Treasure Hunt is the perfect solution to boost your team morale and build better relationships in the workplace, while having an enjoyable day to remember.

So, what's it all about?

Let us take a moment to explain.

Whether you are based in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow or beyond, your workforce will be divided into teams. Each team is given a digital GPS tablet with state of the art features that they can use to navigate their way around the city, working out cryptic clues and undertaking challenges. The only question is, have they got it what it takes?

Your teams will need to work together and communicate effectively to succeed; learning about each other as well as the city along the way. They can choose to take the easier route or the route less travelled, but the rewards increase in line with the difficulty of the challenge.  Help is available to those that need it, and they can post live updates, too.

How will it work for your business?

Here at Team Challenge Company, we work with businesses big and small. We can accommodate as many teams as you need as team sizes are down to you. The scavenger hunt can be personalised to create a bespoke team building day that works for your needs.

You can choose to mix your workforce up or have a competition between departments - but either way, the Interactive Treasure Hunt experience is yours for the taking.

Healthy Competition

A little healthy competition between colleagues is an excellent way to build and improve personal bonds, encourage better communication and see teams work together to see results. These are all qualities and characteristics that you want to see in the workplace, so by allowing your employees to engage like this for fun is a great way to transfer those skills back to the office - this is an event that keeps on giving!

This Interactive Treasure Hunt craze is taking over Scotland, and it's not difficult to see why. The cities of Scotland and the rest of the UK are full of historical landmarks and points of interest, which make our event educational as well as beneficial. 

Get in touch with our team today for a free trial and run-through of how it works, by calling 03300 04 08 03.

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