Top Tips for Organising an Effective Team Building Day

Posted: Oct 28 2013

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Team Building Events and Corporate Activity Days are brilliant for your company, they can be met with dread and concern but when organised efficiently, the effectiveness of the team building will be evident in the team development of your staff. In this article we discuss some top tips when it comes to organising your own Team Building Event You need to ensure you have clear expectations of the event; you want to think about what you want to happen at the event and what you expect to achieve. It may also be wise to consider if your staff knows what is expected from them at the event. It is really important to have a committed team; you want everyone that is attending the event to be fully committed to the event. This can be encouraged through your own positive attitude, mucking in with the team building challenges and ice breakers showing that you are keen to get involved and support the team instead of standing at the back and watching everyone else doing the hard work. In every office there will be friendships and relationships. You will see this through the people that pop out for lunch together, those that discuss what they have been up to at the weekend and such like. Friendships within a company are great and they can help with staff retention. However, it is a good idea to mix up the friendship groups and cliques and get people team building with those they do not normally work with or communicate with. This really helps with team bonding and team development in the work place. Sometimes when you tell your staff you are going to do some team building they don’t really know what to expect and can be quite negative about the event. To help allay any nerves they may harbour, tell them a little about the event to help wet their appetite and get them excited. You will also notice that the team will start their own discussions about what the event could be and this will work as an ice breaker before the event starts. It is so important to continue the team building motivation, don’t just stop after one event but keep it going and keep everyone excited about the upcoming team building challenges, they could be as big or small as you like, but as long as they are continuing you will notice clear improvements in your team.

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