Posted: Sep 22 2016

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Much like Blue Monday in January, the post-holiday blues can bring about a feeling of yearning in employees for something more, something a little different to the routine and monotony of everyday life in the office. This feeling can be true for those that love their jobs, too, so what can you do as an employer to make your staff feel happy to be back at work?

Reports suggest that team building days are one of the most beneficial ways of creating a happy and motivated culture in the workplace, which is exactly why so many businesses like yours are busy planning their next events for the end of summer when the holidays are over for another year.

As well as promoting a sense of camaraderie amongst team members, specific days that are designed around your team can also boost morale and overall happiness in the office.


Studies have reported that feeling valued as part of a solid team structure is the best way to increase levels of productivity, whether this is for a specific project or the overall output of the department. Increased communication and improved working relationships can also lead to employee satisfaction, motivation and commitment to both the role and the business.

When all of these factors are well considered and exceeded, employees are much more likely to be happy, smiley and determined to succeed, making the office feel a much happier place to be.

Team building days are extremely beneficial on a number of levels. For many business owners, a day away from the office that is focused on working relationships and skill development is not a day wasted; in fact, it is quite the opposite. It encourages staff members to work hard, enjoy the success and build on it for future achievements.


Our Experiential Learning events are team building days with a difference. We offer psychometric profiling to determine personality profiles and team coaching to enhance skills and problem solving, as well as business simulator activities to allow your staff to put their new found skills in action.

The activities are designed to be fun with a little light-hearted competition and will allow you to witness a different side to your workforce. The aim of the game is to encourage collaboration, communication, and to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses better with an aim to improving the atmosphere in the workplace.

You will soon start to reap the benefits when back to work - conflicts will be reduced, and those that remain will be amicably resolved. Teams will feel more engaged with their roles and will work together effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, your employees will be happy and willing to be at work.

For more information on our learning and development team building days, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03300 04 09 03.

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