Posted: Feb 23 2016

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The start of the year is often a time for change within many businesses; many people are on the lookout for new roles, new challenges and new experiences. This often leaves companies in need of hiring new staff, but it can also mean there are opportunities to promote from within. Making existing staff feel more valued and appreciated while securing vital skill sets within the company at the same time, is necessary for any business.

How do you decide who to consider for promotion in a situation like this? Team Challenge Company believe that activities that encourage team building are a great way of spotting members of staff with excellent leadership skills that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What Makes a Good Leader?

Knowing what makes a good leader is important when you are looking to discover hidden aptitudes within your staff.

A good leader is always optimistic, full of creative, problem-solving ideas and solutions to the unexpected. A good leader will spot strengths and weaknesses within a team and work according to these skill sets.

Getting to know their team means that decisions can be made efficiently and ensure the task at hand is completed to the highest standard possible. The team members will feel appreciated, energised and motivated to work for the team

A good leader knows when to delegate and when to assume responsibility for a task themselves. Delegation is important within a team; not only will team members feel trusted, respected and needed, but they will be much more conscientious, too.

A good leader remains calm in times of crisis, but will also know how to communicate with staff available to get the job done promptly. Confidence is a key factor, but it is also important for leaders to not become arrogant.

Why Use Team Building?

By booking a day of activities based on team building, you will not only be investing in your business today, but you'll be investing in the future of your company, too. Choose your team building activities based on the type of challenges you want to see tackled in the workplace.

For instance, if you would like to see who can take charge of a task and succeed in a set time frame, then our Indoor Crystal Challenge or Beat the Clock challenge would be ideal

If you would like to see who stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to motivating and developing staff, then our Flight School activity is perfect.

Not only are our team building activity days designed for you and your staff to have a fun day out of the office, but it is also a great way for senior management and above to see the untapped talent that lies within their business already.

For more information on booking any of our team building days or events, please contact our team today. We are ready and waiting to see how we can help your business achieve great heights.

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