Why Choose The Infinite Loop Online for Remote Team Building?

Posted: Jan 20 2021

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Without the convenience of being able to shepherd a colleague over to your desk for a face-to-face meeting, or to show them something that requires their attention, remote teams must be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. Problem-solving is an ability that all good teams have, with the best ones able to work together to achieve a common goal.

The Infinite Loop puts those abilities to the test – one round of this remote game will highlight any key areas of development in your team, as well as help your employees develop skills that can be utilised within the business. In addition to providing commercial value to a business, The Infinite Loop is designed to be a fun, team-building, problem-solving activity that can help to break boundaries and establish relationships between team members. 

What is The Infinite Loop? 

The Infinite Loop is a problem-solving game, with the objective being to set free a young man who has been trapped in the virtual world. Participants work together as a team through Team Challenge Company’s online video conferencing tool to solve puzzles one person at a time. 

Each person must relay the information back to their team through the online conference. Colleagues must work together and communicate effectively with one another to solve the puzzles which will unlock the doors inside the cyberspace maze, eventually freeing the trapped man inside and releasing him back into the real world.

Why is The Infinite Loop Popular? 

The Infinite Loop is one of the most popular team games online with businesses looking to develop team-building, problem-solving and communication skills because it is a shared collaborative experience. In real-time, all members of the team are working together to decipher information and relay it back to their colleagues to advance to the next puzzle. 

This activity unites teams through a shared fun experience which yields continuous improvement throughout the event. As teams become familiar with the objectives of the task and the team dynamic develops, communication, collaboration and problem-solving abilities soon improve to the point they form a highly efficient unit. 

What this teaches is that teams work more effectively as a cohesive unit and challenges which may prove difficult for one person on their own can easily be solved when tackled together. This confronts many of the complex issues faced by companies, particularly those with remote teams, who may struggle to collaborate as effectively as they otherwise could. 

The Importance of Efficiency in Teams 

For any team, remote or otherwise, to work well they must be efficient. A team that is unable to communicate and collaborate is unlikely to produce results - to the detriment of the company. This is not to say the individuals in the team are not talented or without potential – without the correct focus on team building and the development of team dynamics, even the best employees can struggle to work together. 

If such an issue is not confronted before it is too late, the commercial consequences can be grave – potentially costing the business their best customers/clients, new business opportunities and the potential for growth. Eventually, results will decline and soon questions will be asked. It is the responsibility of management to equip their team with the tools they need to succeed. 

All it takes is for one team or department within the company to let the whole side down. For example, if the production team is unable to fulfil orders, this then has a knock-on effect to the sales team, whose job it is to bring new customers in, as well as the customer service team who will have to answer to the disgruntled customers. This translates into a bad reputation for the company, potentially putting customers/partners off from doing business with you in the future. 

This is why it is important that every team in the business can work together effectively and efficiently. No matter the level of seniority of those in question, for the entire machine to work as it should, every component must be well-oiled. 

Get in Touch with Team Challenge Company Remote Team Building Games 

As well as The Infinite Loop, Team Challenge Company hosts a wide variety of remote team building games online that businesses with departments based out of the office can utilise to develop vital collaboration and problem-solving skills. All your employees will need is a stable internet connection and an open mind to bring their very best selves to the event. 

To find out more about how our events can benefit your team, please give Team Challenge Company a call today on 01383 625251 or send us a message via our contact page and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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