Why Teams Need Belbin

Posted: Aug 04 2015

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Dr Meredith Belbin's theory regarding nine team roles has become a prominent model in the field of team development. Not only have companies evaluated its effectiveness in the workplace, but many also live by it, in an effort to create the ‘perfect team'.    

But why do teams need Belbin's theory, and how big a role does it actually play in the development  of not just groups, but also individual growth? Let's find out.

To begin with, it isn't all about managers identifying where people ‘belong' in a team. In fact, if anyone, it is team members that will benefit from this model, as they learn their place whilst avoiding a detrimental hierarchy. From here, they can establish their strengths and weaknesses, and the team, as a whole, can work according to these factors.

So, is this the only reason teams need Belbin? Of course not!

As a company, your employees will benefit from learning and knowing how they work best, in the most suitable environment. With this in mind, they can also look at how others work, and who would work well with their defined team role.

Plus, this theory can bring about a sense of belonging, as everyone recognises what they bring to the table and how the company values them equally, because of the strengths they play to and the weaknesses they work on.

Belbin's nine team roles contribute massively to the development of a department, by allowing for individual and team growth in equal measure. The model does this by allowing members to work in synergy based on their differences, and make the most of their similarities to generate the best possible results.

You see, adopting this theory doesn't just mean growth for a team; for many, it can mean a work-based journey in which to flourish and develop as an individual. This, in turn, will bring about advantages for the company and you, as a manager.

So, how can you go about encouraging your team members to work (and play) well together? A team building event would be a great start.

To find out more about what our events can do for your company, and how Belbin's roles can play a part, enquire today or search through the rest of our blog.

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