X Marks The Broken Connection

Posted: Oct 21 2013

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Is your company suffering losses due to a lack of communication between stubborn employees? Are you wondering how to improve this loss of interaction and resolve issues which have arisen due to this halt in social growth? Corporate events such as Team Building Treasure Hunts are an incredible way to get your whole business up and running smoothly again while providing your colleagues with a brilliant day out. The best thing about corporate treasure hunts is that they are not only enormously entertaining but also incredibly challenging which helps to sustain a healthy employee relationship. They can also be fantastic for broken connections within the company as these special treasure hunts bring out the strengths (and weaknesses) of everybody, making it easier to work as a team to decode riddles and find that golden prize at the end! By revealing these strengths and weaknesses it can be beneficial in the workplace as everybody has identified with not only their strengths but also their fellow employees, which enables them to work towards developing the weak skills and focus on the strengths as a team. Corporate treasure hunts can also be as imaginative and wacky as you want them to be so try and think outside the box and send your workers on a tour to decipher the history behind the world’s most famous art pieces, or perhaps you think they’d benefit a little more from discovering the story behind London’s most exciting architecture. Test your employees’ knowledge with a corporate treasure hunt today.

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