Your Company And Ice Breakers – A Ten Second Check List

Posted: Aug 30 2013

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We have created a very quick, ten second check list for you when you are designing ice breakers for your team, have a quick skim through the points below and make sure you can tick them all off before your DIY Ice Breaker Event begins. Make sure you are completely enthusiastic about the event, however it goes and whatever happens make sure you are enthusiastic about it. If you need a volunteer for an ice breaker make sure you choose carefully, to make sure they are up for it and willing to give it a go so that people can see the level of commitment you expect. Keep an eye on the activity and an eye on the time, don’t drag it to fill space but don’t cut it short if not everyone has had a go. It is important you keep to your time table flexible and make sure the ice breaker works so know in advance how long it takes. While planning the ice breaker make sure that challenges that are suitable for your staff. Have a look at the ages, the abilities, the job roles and choose an ice breaking activity that will not only suit the team but one that will improve the skills within the team has and work on the weaker areas of the team. It is recommended that you call in the professionals for tips and tricks on how to arrange the perfect ice breaking or team building event; they have lots of training and experience to help your team succeed.

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