Your Team's New Years Resolutions

Posted: Feb 20 2015

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So the New Year is finally here, and everyone is back at work. The year probably started with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed employees looking forward to clean slates and the best of intentions to keep on top of team building activities  like the epic office party you had last month.   

However, once the post-shutdown buzz settles down, and everyone gets back into the swing of things, it can be incredibly easy to slip back into old habits.

Unfortunately, getting stuck in such a rut as a company can be incredibly detrimental to the growth of the business and the satisfaction of those who work there.

That is why now is the perfect time to look at your team's New Year's Resolutions. Haven't made any? Well, all the more reason to make some now that things are back on track in terms of work.

Of course, if you are struggling for ideas on what kind of resolutions your team should make for 2015, we can help. Below we have listed just three great resolutions to help keep your team, department or company going from strength to strength all year long.

Spend more time getting to know each other

The easiest way for a team to grow closer is for them to get to know each other. This doesn't mean knowing how everyone takes their tea and coffee, or who has a slight stationery addiction. It is about knowing the hobbies, interests and personalities behind colleagues.  Doing things together is the simplest but most effective means of such bonding.

Do one team activity a week

Following on from the resolution above, doing one team activity every week is a sure-fire way to build and maintain relationships. It will also give the team something to look forward to, as well as a topic of conversation every Monday morning.

You can keep things simple with a team lunch every Friday or you can look for more original ideas, like an outing to the cinema or one of our great indoor team building activities. These can be focused on fun, development or a mixture of the two.

Whatever activities you decide on, by committing to them on a weekly basis, you ensure 52 opportunities for team bonding.

Decide on and work towards a common goal, together

The easiest way to bring people together, especially teams, is to define a common goal they can work towards.

Now, this doesn't have to mean the professional goals laid out as targets and development points in your work strategy. You can encourage enthusiasm and commitment by finding a common cause everyone cares about. Charitable causes tend to be the best choice.

Whether it is training for a marathon, a year-long team effort to fundraise for a local charity or a specific volunteering program, the prospect of accomplishing something meaningful as a collective will not only help your team, but will also help others. And that is a great way to spend your 2015.

Now, these three resolutions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to small tweaks and changes to make to your team and office. The resolutions you ultimately decide on will depend on your specific work environment and team needs; just be sure to make a decision as a team, with everyone's input.

Once you have decided on your team resolutions, you can get to the fun part; planning how to become a cleaner, greener office or checking out company team building activities like these.

Whatever changes you make, committing to them - and better yet, achieving them - as a team will only serve to strengthen the team.

So good luck and Happy New Year!

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