Murder Mystery

An elementary, elegant evening entertainment. Can you and your colleagues track down the perpetrator? Team Challenge Company's Murder Mystery dinner will bring your team together and incorporate a twist of informality to your team building event.

The freshest and brightest table linens are laid out. The best silverware is positioned and the platters are fully laden with delicious food. All that's left is for the guests to arrive, but one person is missing.

Who? Where? How? And most importantly of all, why? An evening of extreme intrigue, perplexing puzzles, and astounding accusations.

Themed Evenings

Choose from a wide range of themes from James Bond to Lush, Judge & Pianist or make your script bespoke to your theme

An interactive experience can be the perfect way to add a light-hearted sprinkling of challenge and camaraderie into your team building event. Choose from our range of pre-written scripts, including a night of classic British espionage with James Bond, question the agents of the age of chivalry with some Medieval madness, marvel the majesty of mob mess amidst an Italian cooking disaster, savour some super-power fuelled killings, or if you’d like to make something more specially tailored to your own tastes, get in touch and we can draft a script bespoke to your theme.

Professional actors and actresses will play the suspects in the evening’s performance, while you and your team will be the investigators. Watch and listen with careful eyes and eager ears as you pick up as many clues as you can. Are the suspects telling the truth?

Who Dunnit?

Piece all the clues together to see if you can work out who it was that committed the murder

Eavesdrop on conversations that could be casual, careless, or perhaps calculated. Sieve through seemingly simple words to find important truths. Interrogate, probe, question, and query your way through the alibis and explanations of the players in this macabre drama. Once you and your team think you know the true identity of the murderer, make your accusation.


Witness the thrilling final act of this dance of deduction. Will you finally figure out whodunnit? Or will the scoundrel escape scot-free? Only by bringing your team together to hunt down the clues, evaluate the evidence, and form theories into fact, will you finally find out.

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