The Wilderness Challenge

The Wilderness Challenge allows you the opportunity to experience some of the UK's most beautiful and scenic locations and develop your expedition skills including setting up and operating a safe wild camp, whilst enjoying the Team Building challenges of a mountain trek.

If you enjoy a real challenge then join us for a Wilderness Challenge.


Wilderness Challenge

Experience some of the UK's most beautiful and scenic locations while also developing your expedition skills

In order to complete the Team Building Wilderness Challenge you will learn about the different pieces of equipment and safety gear that will be used on the day.  Teams will be made aware of the Environmental issues and will be given basic Safety Skills training in the Mountains.

This stage in the challenge will also give you and your teams an in depth insight into the type of equipment that is used on major expeditions abroad and affords you time to get to find out about each of your leaders and ensure all equipment is thoroughly checked before you are ready for departure. Guests will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want to, to ensure they feel fully prepared for heading out on their Wilderness Challenge.


Team Work

Work as a team to navigate your way through the beautiful Scottish mountains as each team member has a turn at guiding the group

During the Team Building day each person will be given the opportunity and time to understand the importance of working as team in the wilderness to achieve survival, these are techniques that are practiced when summiting some of the highest mountains in the world. The group will have the opportunity not only to experience some basic scramblingbut to have the opportunity of a rope ascent which, although a basic technique, can really get the heart beating!

Participants will also take part in a water crossing, once they have learned the techniques to successfully cross the team will group together and do it for real. Feeling the power of the water and the cold current it's a perfect way to end the day in the mountains.


Learn New Skills

Compass, map reading and outdoor stove cooking skills will all be taught throughout this outdoor team activity

Compass, GPS and Map reading skills will be taught through the Team Building Day to all participants allowing each team member getting the opportunity to lead and navigate the group throughout the day. A very important factor of navigation is Mountain Weather. The guide leaders will share with you weather reports and show you how to interpret those reports. This is vital information especially in the Scottish Mountains, what looks warm and dry in the car park could be cold and windy a further 1000 feet up.

Around midday, it will be time for teams to locate a suitable site and set up camp, this includes erecting their own team tent, finding a water source and setting up the stove to help with the cooking of their lunch. Lunch will be provided using genuine survival ration packs to replace that lost on the walk to camp and for the exciting journey home.

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